591 poisoned. 57 dead. And the mercury’s still in the ground. (No subject)

We won! After 15 years, Unilever just agreed to compensate thousands of workers poisoned with mercury at a thermometer factory in India.

But Unilever is refusing to clean up the toxic contamination that devastated the community in the first place. Can you join with Deepa Gupta and demand Unilever act now?


For 15 years, Unilever ignored workers exposed to deadly mercury at its factory in Kodaikanal, India. After almost 70,000 SumOfUs supporters joined a powerful Indian campaign for justice, we won!

Because of the pressure, Unilever just agreed to compensate the poisoned workers. Now, families can finally pay overdue medical bills and start to rebuild their lives. It’s a huge victory. But CEO Paul Polman still hasn’t committed to clean up the mercury that caused these people to get sick.

Will you stand with Deepa Gupta once again, and sign her petition to demand that Unilever cleans up its mercury contamination once and for all?

Yes, I’ll gladly sign the petition and demand Unilever cleans up its mess.

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