Cork University Cancels Conference on Israel’s Legitimacy-Hey, People You Need to Support Cork University!

IRELAND – Cork university cancels conference on Israel’s legitimacy – ‘Zionists pressure’ and threats of protests

by Sabba

University College, Cork, Ireland

Sabba – We often read about this University or that institution cancelling events due to ‘zionist pressure’. But we never hear of this University or that institution standing firm thanks to ‘Gentile pressure’ or, to use a more positive word, thanks to the overwhelming support they received.  

Is it possible that Cork University would not have cancelled this event had they been able to rely on an overwhelming support of Christian/Muslim/Gentile crowds? Is it possible that they would have found the strength to stand up to the jewish pressure if only the masses had stood by them?  

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My Comment:  Call Cork University and ask them to host this conference anyways!   University College Cork +353 (0)21 490 3000   Thank you!!!
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