Police groups around the country have taken serious issue with Beyonce’s Super Bowl halftime show, in which she invoked both the #BlackLivesMatter and Black Panthers movements.

But a group of New Jersey State Troopers have a very historical reason for their “shock and disgust” over the performance.

One of their own fell at the hands of the Black Panthers—and they haven’t forgotten.

In 1979, Trooper Werner Foerster was shot and killed with his own service weapon after backing up a fellow officer.

Three assailants, who were able to disarm the NJ state trooper, were members of the Black Panther party. One member escaped the crime scene, and has been living at-large in Cuba ever since.

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My Comment:  A country divided within will fall and this is exactly what the Zionists who own our media want.  George Soros runs these colour revolutions;  he is the bagman for the Zionists.  When he Black Lives Matter “activists” wanted to be paid in Ferguson he reneged on their pay.  It’s sad that so many are falling for this CON….

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