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Popular TV Psychics apparently have to parrot the Official Line:  

2016 SYRIA Psychic Insights

Michelle Whitedove’s Psychic Insights on Syria

Written January 1, 2016


Psychic Insights regarding al-Assad , the President of Syria.  I feel that currently there is a group that is trying to kill him. Yes an assassination. The rebels are against him, Russia’s for him and the U.S. is impartial.  The U.S. powers that be don’t really care, they say: “Whatever works in our favor”.


Al-Assad looks like he’s a robot, His eyes are dead. He’s under mind control,  He’s under control, absolutely. He’s programmed. He’ll do whatever. If you say, “Go do this.” He’ll do whatever … He’s Putin’s Robot. He’s decimating his own people. Is that why they’re leaving, he’s against his own people and land, and wants nothing but death and destruction. He’s beyond the sociopath. He doesn’t even feel human to me. He looks different, his eyes are vacant. There’s no heart, there’s no soul and no consciousness. He’s capable of anything. That’s why everyone fears him. That his very people are fleeing because they now his cruelty and brutality and atrocities are like going back to the Holocaust. He rules like Hitler when he puts his hand.


He’s almost like as if something else is there,  Like he’s not human. When I look at his eyes and his ears and everything, he’s not a human being. he’s definitely dark. Black. Make no mistake about it. Oh, my God. This guy, you know what’s bad about this guy, what’s scary? Is he’s freaking brilliant. He’s brilliant but he’s mad, and he’s black. His soul is black. And Putin is trying to keep him in power.


I see more than one attempted assassination on him. He’s another Hitler, alAssad  has completely sold his heart, his consciousness, his black soul. He’ll do anything, babies, children, land. He does not care. “He rules with an iron fist,” is an understatement. He’s a problem, they’re going to take him out. They went looking to take him out now.


Between 2016 and 17 when I get in his energy, I feel like a trauma to my head. It’s a gun shot, SPIRIT is showing me a gun. Oh, they’ll try to make it look … Are you ready for this? They try to make it look like he did it to himself.  I predict that they assassinate Bashar alAssad  but they make it look like it was a suicide by gunshot. It’s a professional hit.

 My Comment:  What she doesn’t mention is how the majority of Syrians actually support Assad and feel like the foreign powers wanting to topple him are not to be trusted.  The people he is killing are affiliated with al Qaeda and make no mistake these are hardened criminals.  Listen to the journalist Eva Bartlett above who goes to Syria and does real reporting.  If you listen to the reports from O’Bama is allied with al Qaeda and wants to topple Assad for corporate looting reasons.  At 9:30 in her interview she actually says that a lot of lies have been told about Assad.  “Many a Syrian have told me (Western media) stated the Syrian gov’t, the army was massacring their people but this is FALSE.”  Again she states that the government cracking down on unarmed protesters is “completely False.”  (I guess you don’t become a popular TV psychic without parroting the party line.)  We do not have a free media;  al Jazeera is also a corporate media shill for the US government. Assad is in the way of the Western Zionist’s plans to loot the area and build a huge oil pipeline. She mentions at 30 minutes that the majority of Syrians chose Assad and support him.  As it is no one (with a few exceptions) has reported on ISIS, al Qaeda’s stealing thousands of tankers of oil from illegal drilling in Syria.  She also mentions phone human rights organizations (many funded by the Satanic criminal George Soros).  My greatest worry is that this will lead to WW3 and we are like a hypnotized (by the media) marching towards WW3.  This will be devastating to civilization!
The War on Syria has been raging long before 2011. In fact the Western Allies have wanted Bashar Al-Assad gone since at least 2009, if not earlier! As always, The Elites and The Illuminati want as much Power, Money, & Tangible Goods as possible; & they will do anything to achieve it.
The real reason the West wants to take over Syria is because they have a strategic plan to built a huge, over a 1000-mile Pipeline from Qatar to Turkey; but it must go through Syria to be a success.
Assad is a key player, and is against the construction of the Qatar-Turkey Pipeline.
Russia will be hit the hardest if the Assad Regime Topples; and Russian Economy will plummet faster than a hot potato.
World War 3 is ALREADY HERE! Prepare to have your eyes OPENED!  see their video on

Why Everyone Is Against Bashar Al-Assad – WW3 & Syrian Crisis EXPOSED!

Another one:  Syrians know, but BBC does NOT know-Zionist TRICK against Assad



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