Donald Trump is suggesting he won’t be the only one ditching the Fox News-sponsored GOP presidential debate — tweeting Thursday two other contenders called to say they’d like to join him.

Trump isn’t saying who else wants to play hooky, but is sure his absence will totally deflate the cable network’s ratings. So far, only Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor, said he would attend Trump’s event for veterans, and only after he is done with the so-called ‘undercard’ debate.
He’s also bragging a big majority of viewers already are vowing not to tune into the last televised GOP debate before Iowa’s key caucuses Feb. 1.
In lieu of his appearance on the Fox News-sponsored debate — which he ditched because he had declared the moderators, especially Megyn Kelly, with whom Trump has been publicly feuding — wouldn’t be fair to him — Trump announced Wednesday he’d hold a benefit for veterans’ organizations.

That event will be held at Drake University, three miles from the debate in Des Moines, Iowa, The Hill notes.

Meanwhile, Trump’s decision to blow off the Fox News debate — derided by many Republicans — has generated one $1.5 million pledge to charity from the super PACs backing Sen. Ted Cruz, if the real estate billionaire goes one-on-one with Texas lawmaker and closest GOP rival.

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