Asia is knocking on our door, but will we answer?
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What if the United States was productive again?

The United States Joins
the New Silk Road

LaRouchePAC Digital Pamphlet

Patricia J — The United States is no longer a productive nation. We once prided ourselves on our physical productivity, and helped other nations gain and develop the science and technologies we once pioneered. What if we actually became a productive nation again, and started working peacefully with other nations?

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Table of contents


The United States Can Stop Killing and Dying, and Start Building Again
LaRouche’s Manhattan Project
New Silk Road

I. Gateway to Eurasia: Linking the U.S. to the New Silk Road

1. The Bering Strait Connection
2. High-Speed & Maglev
3. Development Corridors
4. New Renaissance Cities
Background: LaRouche & the New Silk Road

II. Creating the Future: A Science Driver Mission

1. Promethean Fire: Fission and Fusion
2. Managing the Global Water Cycle
3. Space: The Extraterrestrial Imperative

III. New Manhattan Project: Alexander Hamilton’s New York

1. Retaking Manhattan
2. LaRouche Returns to Manhattan

Appendix: The Glass-Steagall Principle & Hamiltonian Credit

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