Russia Leaving the ‘West’ in the Dust

During the same Parliamentary session, Putin brought up the fact Russia was an importer of food 10 years ago and now exports 20 billion dollars worth of food a year. More money has come from food production than gas and weapons sales for Russia.

Russia also ended the creation of genetically-modified-organisms this September… meanwhile countries such as the United States protect Monsanto via the Monsanto Protection Act and manage to waste 165 billion dollars worth of food a year. The European ‘Union’ has also made attempts to outlaw heirloom seeds and unregistered gardens before, exhibiting an equal parallel with the rouge American government’s tenacity to imbue tyranny across the Atlantic.

However, 90% of Americans want GMO food labeled, demonstrating how the renegade US government does not stand by the will of the people, opting to instead incessantly protect and serve Bio-tech corporations such as Monsanto, Du Pont and Syngenta. To put this in perspective for you, one sobering example is the 291,000 suicides in India, directly linked to the Monsanto corporation. That is sadly only one of many facts one can cite – and the United States government obsessively protects and maintains an actual relationship with the corporation. A company who knowingly causes suffering and death on a grand scale all while enjoying cushy treatment from government.

80% of Russian’s are against GMO’s and their government listened to the citizens, banning them entirely – that is revolutionary.

Russia has been showing itself to be a true leader in the international game of politics, demonstrating their will to decimate the Western created ISIS (for more information click here), and even calling out G20 countries for creating and assisting the extremists. Whether this be a clever rouse or a true example of an awakening Humanity, remains unclear in totality. However, to witness such a shift in geo-politics for the better, has been refreshing for me to witness, personally.

By Alec Cope
We Are Change

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For those who are new to the information pertaining to GMO’s, as well as their true magnitude and detrimental nature – view the We Are Change videos below to get caught up to speed.


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