Larry Klayman vs. NSA-Larry WINS!!!

Here’s how Larry Klayman celebrates victory – but then, maybe the NSA already knew?
By David Montgomery
Washington Post
December 3, 2015
Larry Klayman, the activist lawyer, chose a table by the framed photo of Hillary Clinton at Il Canale pizza restaurant in Georgetown on Wednesday evening and ordered his favorite pie, the Capricciosa (basil, ham, mushrooms, artichoke hearts). He was in the mood for quiet celebration.

“Yeah, we made history,” he said.

As of this week, a new law prevents the National Security Agency from collecting in bulk the telephone metadata of Americans. The government must seek judicial approval to get telephone companies to hand over targeted data of terrorism suspects. The bulk data will be maintained by the telephone companies, not the feds. Klayman, arguably, can take a piece of the credit for the change. The 2013 lawsuit that he filed immediately after the program was disclosed by Edward Snowden drew the two strongest judicial rebukes of the government’s conduct as almost certainly unconstitutional.

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