MUAMMAR GADDAFI SPOKE THE TRUTH BEFORE MURDERED BY US SUPPORTED NATO: Clinton “we came, he saw, he died” cackles like witch!

Gaddafi tries to explain how Al Qaeda toppled him and guess who supported Al Qaeda??  Our leaders who will use us all for cannon fodder in WW3 under the slogan:  “Patriotism.”  BTW Bin Laden named his terrorist network Al Qaeda meaning “database” for disillusioned islamist militants and Bin Laden was a BUSH family friend for 3 decades-no less!  At about 48 minutes Gaddafi talks about O’Bama-pay careful attention:  Contrast the last 10 minutes of this video with conditions in the US where homes and interest free loans are NOT CONSIDERED A HUMAN RIGHT!!!  Fake Democracy.  We have become one of the worst countries in the world thanks to the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia and their anti-Semitic Zionazi’s!

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