Not Crazy: Chip Implants Torture Human Subjects

(Jim Stone’s preface: Unlike so-called experts quoted by web sites that talk about “micro nukes in a coke can”, Doctor Edward Spencer is actually the real deal. If he says he is finding implants in people who are clueless about how they got them, you can take it verbatim. This one is absolutely key.)

Edward L. Spencer, M.D.

Neurology, retired
To: Neurologist and Neurosurgeons (DRAFT 2.6)

Dear Colleague:

I have only recently become aware of an enormous deficit in our neurology education. This is the massive amount of information on the effects ofelectromagnetic radiation on brain function not openly presented to neurologists, neurosurgeons, and psychiatrists.

During the last years of my practice I encountered a few patients with symptoms they attributed to remote electronic attacks. I was perplexed. Usually these patients are labeled “crazy” as there is no physical evidence to support their allegations. Now, after reviewing the information available on the sites listed below, it appears that we are dealing with a vast weapons program hidden in secrecy, and that U.


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