The Antidote to the Cabal is to Sue Their Illuminati Corporations Like MONSANTO To DEATH!

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The reality of the Deep State has become quite widespread, this has left people wondering how to stop them. The reality is, to get there, we must create a collective consciousness that no longer allows them to exist.

A short video describes characteristics common among people with well-developed empathy. Empathy is the ability to understand and feel another, perceive life from another’s perspective. It’s also associated with caring for one another.

A new study outlines how statins have been approved for use via deception. Not all information has been disclosed from clinical trials, and statistics have been used to cover up the seriousness of the adverse reactions that are caused by statins.

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How do we actually see a world without the Deep State? It comes down to consciousness. Joe Martino explains.

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Joe discusses a topic on many people’s minds coming out of the spiritual community, THE EVENT. What is this? What does it mean? Can things really change all in one go from one source like this? Joe discusses this in deep detail and covers a key factor not many are considering.

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