Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (Banksters)

America, Khazarian Mafia [Rothschild’s] Vassal State & Israeli Occupied Territory!

Gates Rothschild NWO

Ever since America was invaded by the Rothschild Khazarian [Rothschild’s Heritage] Banking Mafia [NWO] in 1913, America has functioned as a Khazarian [Turkey] Mafia Vassal State. Israel [Synonymous Rothschild] attacked America with nukes on 9-11-01 [Inside Job] and used nuclear blackmail to create Homeland Security [Hitler’s Modus] and transformed America into Israeli [Rothschild British Oligarchy] occupied territory.

The Star Of David al-Roy Was First Used In Khazaria And Is Now Used On Rothschild's Israeli Flag.

In 1913 a “bought-off” US Congress passed the illegal, Unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act, and a corrupt President [Wilson] signed it into law.

Ever since it has been down hill for America as a nation.

The Federal Reserve is a franchisee of the Khazarian Banking Mafia also know as the Rothschild World Moneychangers who are notorious for creating money from nothing and lending it 98% of the World’s nations in order to receive pernicious usury in exchange.

The Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Banksters have not only created about 98% of the World money from thin air, they have continually charged those who use their money pernicious usury. Usury alone adds 40% to the cost of all goods and services in the Global community.

This is insane for any nation’s people to pay a foreign based private bank of Luciferian, child murdering pedophile Khazarian Mafia parasites to use what should have been their own money in the first place.

Rolling Stone Britain 2


Rothschild Khazarian Moneychangers are the World’s Banksters.

Many have come to label these Rothschild Khazarian Moneychangers as “Banksters” because they are also the World’s largest group of very powerful Gangsters who actually comprise the World’s largest Organized Crime Syndicate.

This World’s largest Organized Crime Syndicate is now referred to by insiders as the Khazarian Mafia (KM) because it tracks back to Khazaria.

It’s origin involved a mass conversion of Khazarians on or about 700 AD to a very strange and perverted form of Judaism known as ancient Babylonian Talmudism. This is a completely anti-social secret cult system which presents a phony outward appearance of Torah Judaism, but has a completely different, secret set of core beliefs best referred to as Kabbalism, Luciferianism or outright Satanism.

The Babylonian Talmud is the source of the evil which drives the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia.

This Babylonian Talmudism inculcates it followers with a group religious delusions of racial superiority accompanied by a paranoid delusion that the whole World wants to eradicate them. This paranoid delusion that all Goyim [anyone who is a non-Khazarian Turk who feloniously use the name Jew] are after them, creates a deep unconscious desire for them so they must strike first and dominate the whole World before it gets them. [Perfect mindset for the NWO banker’s greed modus operandi].

This has motivated many of the top Babylonian Talmudic Judaics to seek to infiltrate, hijack and dominate America [learned from their compatriots Ottoman Empire the art of Taqiyya] and many other nations including European nations to make sure that their [artificial] “Judaic race” will be safe from domination and eradication.

Of course this delusion was created by the top Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Chieftains who set up the forced labor camps in Germany in WW2 to gain free labor for massive war profits and to create the mind-kontrol triggers “Holocaust” and “anti-Semite” which are thrown down in order to deflect any criticism of Judaic anti-social behaviors.

This firewall using such mind-kontrol triggers is now failing because the latest peer-review genetic studies show that about 97.5% of Judaic Israelis have no ancient Hebrew Blood, whereas about 80% of the Palestinians actual DO have ancient Hebrew blood. [Recall The Judaic Jews were shipped there from Europe [genetics mostly Turkish] as was the purpose of the concentration camps to create fear and motivation for them to leave for Rothschild’s created Balfour Israel.]

Israel Just Sold Oil Drilling Rights In Golan Heights, Syria To Rupert Murdoch & Rothschild.

Thus we can draw two clear-cut conclusions; the first is that Israelis have absolutely no ancestral right to any Palestinian land at all and are the real anti-Smites because we now know that most Palestinians are true Semites and do have an ancestral right to Palestinian land.

Babylonian Talmudism inculcates a “first-strike” aggressive attitude in those Judaics who have adopted its values.

It is known however that this aggressive, first-strike attitude can easily become a self-fulfilling prophecy and this is exactly what is happening now throughout the whole World which is now turning against Israel and the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia for its abuse and Apartheid against Palestinians and it’s nuking of America on 9-11-01.

Babylonian Talmudism has strongly influenced many Judaics by tending to instill what is best described as secret, malignant Judaic Tribalism which teaches that non-Judaics (“Goyim”) are to be viewed as mere cattle to be owned, used, dominated, asset stripped and then discarded or even mass-murdered. This attitude is especially apparent in the Israelis’ treatment of Palestinians.

We now know for certain that this Khazarian induced first-strike attitude has led the Israelis to institute a great deal of Gladio-style False-flag attacks all over the World to advance the interests of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (KM).

And more than a few have involved the use of mini and micro-nukes using reprocessed Pits stolen from Pantex in Amarillo, Texas with a wink and a nod by the Bush Crime Cabal, a close associate of the Rothschild KM.

What a deal for the dumbed-down sheeple that put up with this!

The Khazarian Mafia Banksters have not only created about 90% of the World money from thin air, they have continually charging pernicious usury to those who use what should have been their own money in the first place.

The Federal Reserve System is the greatest financial fraud in history and has been historically protected by the Banksters using the American Intelligence (Local law Enforcement, the FBI, or the Department of the Treasury) to deliver whatever corrections and sanctions are necessary to protect it operations including covert murders disguised as accidents and other more sophisticated assassinations using poisons and induced fatal illnesses.

Stealing a nation’s Monetary Production and Distribution System is the greatest financial crime in history, not only in America, but in any other nation this has happened in which has been about 90% of them who have been parasitized by the Rothschild Khazarian Banking Mafia which infiltrated and dominated European Banking in the 1700’s.

This Khazarian Banking Mafia proceeded to infiltrate and hijack Britain in the late 1700’s and finally took complete control over the British Banking System in 1815 when Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo.

This is Headquarters New World Order For Banking Totalitarianism aka; Rothschildism.

It was actually quite easy for the Rothschild’s to infiltrate and hijack Britain via their Banking System and this was accomplished when Oliver Cromwell was hired by European banking families to make England safe for Khazarian Banking.

A drawing of Oliver Cromwell's head on a spike from the late 18th century

How did England deal with a corrupt puritan government/parliament?

When King Charles I was executed by the Oliver Cromwell mob, his son King Charles II made it his mission to search out retribution, producing the biggest manhunt Britain had ever seen, one that would span Europe and America and would last for thirty years.

Men who had once been among the most powerful figures in England ended up on the scaffold, on the run, or in fear of the assassin’s bullet. History has painted the regicides and their supporters as fanatical Puritans, among them were John Milton and Oliver Cromwell. After Cromwell Beheaded King Charles I, he became the ‘dictator’ of England. This corrupt Puritan Parliament also murdered Guy Fawkes in 1606 [Father Of Anonymous], they were ultimately executed by the returning King Charles II in 1660, for regicide (the killing of a King) & usurping the laws of England The Magna Carta which is similar to our U.S. Constitution.

Cromwell’s severed head was displayed on a pole outside Westminster Hall From 1661 until 1685.

FYI ~ The English Puritans under Cromwell engaged in pure and simple genocide Of Roman Catholics in Ireland – 40,000 victims killed or sold as slaves in 1649 in the Oradours of Drogheda and Wexford alone.

This resulted in the murder of King Charles 1st and many of the true Royal Family and other English nobility. This hijack and theft through fraud was completed with the Bauer Family (a.k.a. Rothschild family) who spread false Intel about the outcome of the Battle of Waterloo.

They had leaked that Wellington had been defeated when such was clearly a lie. The Rothschilds then then proceeded to go through the motions of selling off their holdings which induced a panic which they used to buy up the bulk of all English owned assets for pennies on the pound.

Rothschild's Bank Of England

Those who owned the Bank of England were Luciferians already committed to using any means including war, and mass death to dominate the whole World according to Luciferian principals based in their secret Satanic cults and in the top echelons of Freemasonry [PRESIDENT ADAM’S LAW PROHIBITING FREEMASONRY AKA; ILLUMINATI] which they had already hijacked, especially the Scottish Rite, known for hard core Satanism presented as Luciferianism.

The Rothschild Banking clan, a group of hard core Luciferians dedicated to dominating the whole World and ministering mass-death to Goyim [BRITISH LANDMARK CASE ~ ROTHSCHILD ZIONISM IS NOT ABRAHAMIC JUDAISM] while making vast profits, are known to function as human looking parasites with no actual conscience or human regard for anyone else but themselves and gaining riches and power.

George Bush Sr. ~ Skull & Bones Anti-Constitution Group & Narcissist Mutual Appreciation Society Of My Shit Don't Stink Fellowship!

Skull and Bones, an affiliate occult group of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia.

If you want to understand the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia and what it breeds everywhere it goes and the special privileges it gives to those who join up who are willing to sell their souls and become completely two faced psychopaths, spend some time researching Yale University’s Skull & Bones also known as the Tomb.

This Skull & Bones is a death-based Satanic Cult which is based on ancient Babylonian Baal Worship, known to some as worship of Moloch or the Owl, secret religious cults that demand periodic child sacrifice and that use pedophilia as initiation and advancement rights for their members.

The known secret mission of Skull & Bones is to foment wars to create mass death as continuing blood sacrifices to Lucifer in order to receive power, status and riches in return. By the way, Skull & Bones is not the only Collegiate death-cult which is used to select those who appear to be soulless and are willing to sell out and mass-murder their fellow mankind for money, power and status.

The Skull & Bones is legally called the Russell Trust and was set up with the vast fortunes made from the Opium Trade in China which transformed many Chinese into Opium addicts and caused much suffering and death before the Chinese went to war with the British Opium dealer to contain this, known as the two opium Wars.


Ever wonder where GMO products came from. They can be traced back to these same slave-trade families which now dominate agricultural seeds and hybrids. Ever wonder how any seed producer could be so evil as to perpetrate GMO on unknowing citizens including women and young children and infants. Well now you know.

The Slave Trade was run by wealthy Judaic families who were Babylonian Talmudists and was fully authorized by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia.

It’s a fact that when these wealthy families that control so much because of their association with Khazarian Mafia Banking, gain control over the seed industry, they will act like one would expect like any sociopath that either lost his soul along the way or never had one in the first place. Some human behavior experts wonder if these Khazarian Mafioso and their Cut-outs ever had consciences at all or if they could even be proved to be real human beings in a legitimate court of law!

psychopath politicians

These Khazarian Mafia members developed sinister reputations for owning all the slave trade ships and kidnapping and transporting slaves from Africa to America and the Caribbean where they were sold as cattle and viewed as such. [Slaves From United Kingdom ~ MOST SLAVES IN AMERICA WERE WHITE]

The Rothschild Khazarian Mafia used Opium trafficking to China as a major covert operation and secret war to get all the Gold and Silver they had been paying to China for England’s large purchase of tea, spices and silk. It was during this time that the British under the direction and control of the Rothschild banking dynasty, also known as the Khazarian Mafia developed the idea of using illegal drag trafficking as a weapon of war to subdue and destroy any nation they would target.

Drug Trafficking into America is part of a long term war against America and Americans by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia.

And of course we now know that America has been targeted by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia with illegal drug trafficking through CIA, DEA, and Mossad Cutout for many years all with the intent to create massive chaos, destroy inner cities and dirty up the urban populations, and create a huge problem that only more big Khazarian Mafia based Government tyranny can supposedly resolve.

It is this money power created out of nothing by this small group of Khazarian Banksters which has basically transformed America into a Khazarian Mafia Vassal State along with most of the World too.

dershowitz, clinton, epstein pedophile plane


The Rothschild Khazarian Mafia are two-faced parasites that use their vast Fiat Counterfeit money to buy or bribe almost every elected politicians and top World leader, basically filling the top echelons of most governments with their bought and owned puppets.

This of course makes it easy for them to do business the way they want and set secret hidden agendas for these nations they control which has been about 90% of them by last count before the Russian Federation, Putin, China and the new BRICS Development Bank, the Chinese Asian Infrastructure Investment bank (AIIB), and numerous private new trade deals signed between nations which avoid using the US Petro Dollar which is probably soon going to crash.

russia turkey oil stream


Here is a list of nations that have recently rebelled against the Rothschild Khazarian Banking Mafia which have either been taken down or are now under serious attack from Khazarian Mafia puppet states like Israel, America and Saudi Arabia. [Saudi Arabia is now alienating themselves from Rothschild]

1. Libya

2. Iraq

3. North Korea

4. Cuba

5. Afghanistan

Frankfurt, Germany


Here is the Rothschild Khazarian Banking Mafia’s methodology they used to infiltrate and hijack America and are now deploying to take-down and destroy the whole World along with 90% of the World’s population if we allow them:

1. Establish a Banking beachhead inside a nation and charge pernicious usury to those using what should have been their own money with no interest.

2. Print or issue all the money needed to buy up any politician, govt official or any elected politician.

3. Consolidate and gain control over the Major Mass Media transforming into their Controlled Major Mass Media.

4. Using their CMMM to create an illegal News Monopoly or Cartel with which they can then proceed to mind-kontrol the public.

5. Infiltrate the public and private educational system and “reform” the curriculum and fill all the text books with biased lies that support their KM System.

6. Consolidate and gain control over corporations and whole industries, allowing hierarchical control from the top down by a few top Policy-makers who are high ranking KM associates.

Icelandic Rothschild2


7. Remove and destroy all the pertinent history of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia from the libraries and used bookstores.

8. Bring in illegal drugs to dirty up the inner cities, and extract profits from the welfare payments they create legislation for.

9. Build up a well controlled large media entertainment industry which is used to provide public fantasy to neutralize dissatisfaction with one’s govt. while running a covert entertainment complex which distributes hardcore pornography to addict many, dirty them up and weaken a nations resolve to survive against external enemies like the Rothschild KM.


red flag gif

10. Use Gladio-style False-flag attacks to start wars with foreign nations so that a large war industry which is under the direct control of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia can be established.

11. Institute a phony “War on Drugs” and the phony “War on Terror” as an excuse to Militarize the Police and transform them to an ADL, Israeli trained anti-terror military attack force to oppress Americans.

U.S. tax paid for soldiers used to protect Rothschild's opium plants in Afghanistan

12. Initiate wars to provide massive war profits for the Rothschild KM Banksters and their related war manufacturers and can also provide covert access to the resources of the nations that the KM attacks, even if the wars are perpetual and un-winnable. This is how the Khazarian mafia is now using the US Military to gain access to Afghani grown Opium for its lucrative trafficking by remote control Global Hawks into America and to provide access for its partner corporations to Afghani rare earth minerals including lithium needed for state-of-the-art battery manufacturing.


1913  Rothschild Federal Reserve ~ A Non Federal Entity Illegally Written Into Acceptance By Rothschild Soldier Woodrow Wilson.


The Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (KM) aka the “Money Mafia”, the World “Moneychangers” infiltrated America in 1913 by use of their foreign based money-power and then using the same “money from nothing” power, the KM hijacked the USG, US Law Enforcement, the Judiciary, Congress and most Administrations.

They have used this same process to take down and occupy most European nations in addition to America. This is their time-tested methodology they have been using in their attempt to infiltrate and hijack the whole World and transform it into a Worldwide GAZA before they depopulate it by 90%.

By use of their elastic, unending ability to manufacture and distribute Fiat, counterfeit money and force the public to accept as a legal tender by force of law, these Rothschild Khazarian Mafia have been able to transform America into their private Vassal State and actually remade America into Israeli occupied territory.

If America is to even survive, we must shrug off the infiltration of America by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia and eliminate the Department of Homeland Security, Israel’s own private Police State Occupation Force inside America which has consolidated all Law Enforcement into one central command structure they control.

United States Whistleblower ~ Paul Revere

In those administrations they couldn’t control, they either assassinated the President or attempted to do so. This same form of extreme lawless, criminally sociopathic “solution” has been frequently used by these infiltrating foreign based Moneychangers against not only aberrant politicians who bucked them like former Senator John Towers, but also Senator Paul Wellstone as well as thousands of dissidents and whistle-blowers all over the World.

These Rothschild Khazarian Mafia also use all sorts of various non-lethal sanctions, corrections and punishments delivered to whistle-blowers and dissidents or those elected officials who veer from their allowed parameters.

NWO Jesus

Jesus drove them out of the temple for their evil, anti-social inhuman ways and we must do the same before they mass-murder us all like they did to the Russian Peasants in 1917 and are systematically and progressively doing so to the Palestinians while they steal more and more of their ancestral lands.

America's Nuremberg Right Around The Corner. Click To Enlarge

If we can ever bring these Banksters to “rule of law” justice for their crimes against America and Americans, there will be a lot of Perps tried, convicted and executed for the most major offenses on the books including:

  1. fomenting war by fraud,
  2. war crimes and
  3. crimes against humanity (including torture).

Literally trillions of their dollars and all their land and personal holdings can then be seized and “clawed-back” to distribute to the true owners, the American Citizens they stole it from.

Memories Of History: When The People Get Fed Up!

Author Mike Harris:

is the Financial Editor of Veterans Today, a radio host, a former GOP Finance Chairman, Gubernatorial Candidate for Arizona, and a Senior Vice President of Adamus Defense Group, Switzerland. Mike is an expert in full-contact mixed martial arts. His long term expertise in such has gained him a lot of respect and the nickname “Iron Mike”. Mike was a part of the Veterans Today group that attended the Damascus Conference to Combat Terrorism and Religious Extremism. Mike gave about twenty five televised interviews that were broadcast to millions of viewers in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Iran. In these interviews Mike emphasized and supported the historical declaration by Keynote Speaker, Veterans Today Senior Editor and Chairman Gordon Duff that the real problem behind World Terrorism is a large Organized Crime Syndicate.

Veterans Today

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