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windy Hempstead

Brooksville, FL

Aug 18, 2015 — Hi – It’s been a long time since I last emailed you all. I apologize for that; it has been chaotic lately, and I need to share some good news with you. I know my petition is about having my brother transferred from a Florida Department of Corrections prison to a Federal prison here in Florida, but this is a decision I have now put in Gods hands, as only he knows where my brother will be safe. The news I need to share is that on Sunday, August 9th, the Miami Herald ran a three-page article about my brother! The newspaper did this on their own – they feel like my brother should not be serving a 585 year sentence (of which he is expected to serve 165 years) after trying so hard to get justice for Darren Rainey and fighting to make prisons safer for all inmates.This newspaper decided to try to help my brother, In their story, they talked about what my brother’s judge did to get told he could no longer be a judge! My brother is charged with (I believe) 34 burglaries – a few of them armed burglaries even though no one was home during any of them. (Which all of the people whose homes got broken into told the Judge at my brother’s trial!) My brother has always fought those charges, and says he is guilty of possession of stolen property and selling stolen property, but that he never broke into anyone’s home! Anyhow, after the Miami Herald’s article ran on August 9th, other newspapers picked it up and it’s being seen all over the United States. After you read the article, if you feel like you want to help my brother, please call Florida state Senator Greg Evers, who led the Senate discussions on prison reform, and ask him to ask Governor Rick Scott to ask the Governor to pardon my brother Harold Hempstead D.C#268866(my brothers inmate number), then call the Governor himself and ask him to pardon my brother and let him go free!! We believe if enough people call, they may just might help my brother!!

Governor Rick Scott
(850) 488-7146

Senator Greg Evers
(850) 595-0213 District Office
(850) 564-1026 Satellite Office
(850) 487-5002 Tallahassee Office; Senate VOIP 5002

Please help; my brother has already served a lot of time for crimes he didn’t commit, and aside from being safer on the outside, I believe that his paralegal degree and his knowledge of what exactly is going on within our prisons will allow him to work toward real change within the system. This newspaper article has gave me great hope that there may be a slight chance that my brother may one day be set free. Please, if you do decide to call Senator Evers and Governor Scott (both have to be called), please email me at my personal email – – stating the date and approximate time you spoke with their offices, and what you asked and why you asked. I am asking for this because your emails to me about these communications can be used after both men leave office, if Governor Scott and Senator Evers does not want to help my brother!

Thank you so much for everything and may God Bless you all!

Windy Hempstead
my blog:

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