Trump & Sanders: Not Beholden to Big Money Wall Street! Wonderful!

Time to Reset

Back to Donald Trump. Besides his experience with bankruptcy, Trump, along with Bernie Sanders on the left, is unique in not being beholden to big money. Sanders does not take it, and Trump does not need it. If either candidate makes it to the White House, he will be in a position to stand up to Wall Street and do what is right for the country. And that includes restoring the power to issue the national money supply to the people of the nation through their representative government.

My Comment:  Don’t Be Surprised if the true winner does not become President due to election fraud…the Khazar Mafia are experts at fraud, theft, murders, etc.  If one of these two becomes President and decides to restore the power to print money to the government don’t be surprised if he winds up like Lincoln or John F. Kennedy who were both murdered when they tried to do the same.  But on the Plus side it is wonderful to see two candidates willing to stand up to Wall Street as well as O’Malley who has made Glass-Steagall a priority.  My choice would have to be O’Malley NOT the Trump who I believe is 100% corrupt or Bernie Sanders who I don’t think will be willing to take on Wall Street. 

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