Hunter Thompson Admits He “Liked to Kill”

Another American “Hero” Dethroned:  Revealed Snuff Porn Producer and Murderer

Gruesome as it is, Bonacci’s report to me harks back to the early cries for help, from Loretta Smith: I went in January of ’84 on every trip. I was paid by men King knew for sex. In the summer of ’84 sometime I went to Dallas Texas and had sex with several men King knew in a hotel. I flew on YNR Airlines and Kam Airlines normally for King. I never had much personally to do with King, only went where he told me to go. In or on July 26th I went to Sacramento, Ca. King flew me out on a private plane from Eppley Airfield [in Omaha] to Denver where we picked up Nicholas, a boy who was about 12 or 13. Then we flew to Las Vegas to a desert strip and drove in to Las Vegas and to some ranch and got something. Then flew on to Sacramento. We were picked up by a white limo and taken to a hotel. I don’t remember the name of it. We meaning Nicholas and I were driven to a area that had big trees, it took about an hour to get there. There was a cage with a boy in it who was not wearing anything. Nicholas and I were given these tarzan things to put around us and stuff. They told me to f— the boy and stuff. At first I said no and they held a gun to my balls and said do it or else lose them or something like that. I began doing it to the boy and stuff. And Nicholas had anal sex and stuff with him. We were told to f— him and stuff and beat on him. I didn’t try to hurt him. We were told to put our d—s in his mouth and stuff and sit on the boys penis and stuff and they filmed it. We did this stuff to the boy for about 30 minutes or an hour when a man came in and kicked us and stuff in the balls and picked us up and threw us. He grabbed the boy and started f—ing him and stuff. The man was about 10 inches long and the boy screamed and stuff and the man was forcing his d— into the boy all the way. The boy was bleeding from his rectum and the men tossed him and me and stuff and put the boy right next to me and grabbed a gun and blew the boys head off. 103

THE FRANKLIN COVER-UP:  ” The boys blood was all over me and I started yelling and crying. The men grabbed Nicholas and I and forced us to lie down. They put the boy on top of Nicholas who was crying and they were putting Nicholas hands on the boys ass. They put the boy on top of me and did the same thing. They then forced me to f— the dead boy up his ass and also Nicholas they put a gun to our heads to make us do it. His blood was all over us. They made us kiss the boys lips and to eat him out. Then they made me do something I don’t want to even write so I won’t. After that the men grabbed Nicholas and drug him off screaming they put me up against a tree and put a gun to my head but fired into the air. I heard another shot from somewhere. I then saw the man who killed the boy drag him like a toy. Everything including when the men put the boy in a trunk was filmed. They took me with them and we went up in a plane. I saw the bag the boy was in. We went over a very thick brush area with a clearing in it. Over the clearing they dropped the boy. One said the men with the hoods would take care of the body for them. I didn’t see Nicholas until that night at the hotel. He and I hugged and held each other for a long while. About two hours later the men or Larry King came in and told us to go take a shower since we had only been hosed off at some guys house. We took a shower together and then were told to put on the tarzan things. After we were cleaned up and dressed in these things we were told to put on shorts, socks and a shirt and shoes and driven to a house where the men were at with some others. They had the film and they played it. As the men watched they passed Nicholas and I around as if we were toys and sexually abused us. They made Nicholas and I screw each other and one of the men put the dead boy’s penis in mine and Nicholas’ mouth. I didn’t want to write this because the man forced me to bite the boys’ penis and balls off. It was gross and I saw the film where it happened and started freaking out remembering what they made us do afterwards to the boy. They showed us doing everything to the boy. I was there for about 5 days attending parties but only recall cutting my wrist which is why I stayed two days in a hospital under a name I can’t recall. Some guy paid for me.”

Another excerpt:  “Loretta furthermore told Carmean that many of the people who were taking the [pornographic] photographs were leaders of the north Omaha Girls’ Club and included prominent people who used code names. When I asked Loretta what the code names were she indicated simple names like Mary, Jane, etc. She had told Carmean that doctors and lawyers were involved and when I pressed her on this she indicated at one of the photographic sessions she saw some files and someone said something to her about one of the men working in chambers.”



“In other testimony, Bonacci said that Larry King was smiling and laughing the whole time the film was being shown, and that “the men with the hoods” were a Satanic group which planned to use the dead boy in some sort of ceremony. He also named the director of the snuff film, whom they had picked up in Las Vegas, as “Hunter Thompson.” “

Franklin Figure Lawrence King Leaves Prison After 10 Years – Apr 11, 2001 – Omaha World-Herald

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Franklin Figure Lawrence King Leaves Prison After 10 Years; [Sunrise Edition]

Robert Dorr. Omaha World – Herald. Omaha, Neb.: Apr 11, 2001. pg. 22

Full Text (379 words)


(Copyright 2001 Omaha World-Herald Company)

Lawrence E. King Jr., the main figure in the Franklin Credit Union scandal in Omaha more than a decade ago, has left prison and apparently is planning to live near Washington, D.C.


King was released from federal prison in Colorado on Tuesday after serving nearly 10 years of a 15-year sentence.


King, 56, plans to live in the eastern Virginia federal probation district, said Randy Tews, administrator of the Federal Prison Camp in Florence, Colo. That district includes several Washington suburbs.

Larry King lives conveniently close to D.C. where he can continue pimping children.  There is No doubt in my mind he knows Jerry Sandusky of the University of Pennsylvania Child Rape Ring Fame.


Confessions_of_a_DC_Madam-bigConfessions of a DC Madam

The Politics of Sex, Lies, and Blackmail

By Henry Vinson, with Nick Bryant

An insider’s look into a nefarious governmental smear and cover-up campaign

A firsthand account of how public officials and other well-connected individuals have been compromised or blackmailed by their sexual improprieties, Confessions of a DC Madam relates the author’s time running the largest gay escort service in Washington, DC, and his interactions with VIPs from government, business, and the media who solicited the escorts he employed. The book details the federal government’s pernicious campaign waged against the author to ensure his silence and how he withstood relentless, fabricated attacks by the government, which included incarceration rooted in trumped-up charges and outright lies. This fascinating and shocking facet of government malfeasance reveals the integral role blackmail plays in American politics and the unbelievable lengths the government perpetrates to silence those in the know.

Henry W. Vinson is the former funeral director for W. W. Chambers Funeral Home, who also owned and operated the largest gay escort service in Washington, DC. He lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Henry Vinson also describes meeting Banker Lawrence King and Lobbyist Craig Spence who were connected with elite paedophiles who like to murder children for entertainment!  I could not make this up it’s so evil!  As if the existing evil were not evil enough!  Banker Lawrence King and Lobbyist Craig Spence would feed little boys into this network of Satanic, Sadistic Pedophiles.  Lawrence King went to prison for only 10 years for bank fraud-about $40 million disappeared-and Craig Spence was suicided in a Boston motel room (just before his death he had stated he was about to be killed) and these two were the bottom rung of this notorious child killing group.

excerpt from the book about Craig Spence blackmailing operation:

Unfortunately, I ended up providing escorts to a CIA asset named Craig Spence who was a preeminent blackmail artist. His upscale DC home was fitted with state-of-the-art blackmail equipment that he used to blackmail our country’s elite. Spence told me that he was blackmailing the rich and powerful for the CIA, and he told newspaper reporters that “friendly” intelligence agents had installed the blackmail equipment that was scattered throughout his home. Spence had the ability to pull off mindboggling feats, and he was unscathed by law enforcement as he engaged in a myriad of illicit enterprises. And subsequent events would confirm that individuals at the pinnacle of power in the government protected him.

Blackmail is invariably practiced in the shadows, and the American people are oblivious to blackmail subverting their political system. The principle reason for Americans obliviousness to blackmail is that blackmailers and their blackmail targets never divulge such crimes. Blackmailers would be subjected to criminal prosecution and their blackmail targets would be subjected to either prosecution and/or persecution for the conduct that led them to be blackmailed in the first place. So political blackmail is almost never made public, and if it becomes public, then it occurs years after the fact.

More on this book:

Henry Vinson, Top Gay Pimp for Wash DC 1980’s – writes tell-all book: Confessions of a D.C. Madam

Henry Vinson was the top Gay Pimp in Washington DC in the 1980’s. His tell-all book isConfessions of a D.C. Madam: The Politics of Sex, Lies, and Blackmail. Published by Trine Day – March 19, 2015

From Robert Morrow    512-306-1510

Link to buy book: Confessions of a D.C. Madam.

This book is a strong buy for anyone interested in modern American history and politics.

Many of Vinson’s clients were high level VIP Republicans, bureaucrats, journalists, and businessmen.  Some of them were pressuring Vinson to start pimping boys to them so they could indulge their homosexual pedophilia. There were people (plural) very, very close to George Herbert Walker Bush who were top clients of Vinson’s gay escort service.

High profile names in politics and media will be named in this book. Craig Spence, a CIA connected GOP lobbyist of the 1980’s figures prominently. Spence was heavily into covertly filming for blackmail purposes the sex acts of VIPs.

Henry Vinson on Craig Spence: “I was probably at Spence’s house twenty to twenty-five times. Spence loved cocaine and little boys – he was addicted to sex and addicted to drugs. He was definitely a pedophile.” [Nick Bryant, The Franklin Scandal, p.312]

Craig Spence had a lot of other friends just like him in the Reagan-Bush days of Washington DC and you hear about a lot more of them in Henry Vinson’s book.

Henry Vinson’s co-author will be Nick Bryant, author of the blockbuster book The Franklin Scandal.

Henry Vinson today is a successful businessman:

Henry Vinson has 288,000 Twitter followers:

Co-author Nick Bryant’s Franklin Scandal book, about a (mainly homosexual) pedophilia ring running at the highest levels of the Republican party in the 1980’s. His web page:  Lawrence E. King and GOP lobbyist Craig Spence both deep into homosexual pedophilia and pandering boys to pedophiles.


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