Classic Psychopaths-Beware! Chosen by the American Politicians (Controlled by Synagogue of Satan)!!!

Amerika don’t expect these people to give a SHIT about you…they’re not capable of it…one laughs about the cold blooded murder of an innocent man (innocent at the time of the charges levied against him by the lying, warmongering psychopath Bush) and the other dismisses the deaths by torture (death by hunger IS torture) of 500,000 innocent CHILDREN…SHE IS DIABOLICALLY EVIL…how can Amerika stand these EVIL ones???  Both are owned by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia whom they were and are owned by (bribe money).  They represent this  cartel of criminals not you.  To die of hunger is real torture and terrorism.  These two are VICIOUS, SADISTIC CRIMINALS-can’t call them animals because they are an insult to animals.  Madam Madelaine Albright also allegedly ran the child call girls for the CIA in D.C. for the most depraved people there.  Of course, these individuals, probably in the hundreds were in hock to her after that and most of these child sex slaves die by age 30 or sooner.   More about the psychos who run our world:

Also from Icke’s research: “Pindar attends the major Satanic ceremonies in Europe and then flies to California for the rituals there”.

Later in the book (Biggest Secret), Icke says that “Pindar, the ‘Marquis de Libeaux’ travels in a white limousine (A ‘code-white’ is a code understood by judges, police, the military etc and it means: look the other way or do not prosecute this person).”

On page 453 of the same book, Icke states that ” … the Queen makes cruel remarks about lesser initiates, but is afraid of the man code-named ‘Pindar’ (the Marquis de Libeaux) who is higher than her in Satanic rank. Pindar, apparently, bears a resemblance to Prince Charles. Arizona Wilder says that Pindar is Charles’ real father.”

Finally, Icke summises, along with Arizona Wilder, the possibility that Princess Diana was pregnant at the time of her murder and that the child could have been Pindar’s rather than that of Dodi Fayed, and the child was sacrificed in a ritual ceremony.  Diana was sacrificed because she would not cooperate with the organization.

Icke insists that only one ‘strain’ of the reptilian race is antagonastic towards us. To consider all reptilians ‘evil’ is like considering all humans the same way. Patently false.

Going Dutch

The Dutch government resigned this week under pressure brought on by accusations that in 1995, over 7000 Boznia Muslims were executed by Serbs while under the protection of Dutch troops. This was the worst mass murder in Europe since WWII. Queen Beatrix, the Bilderburger leader, witnessed the mass sacrifice as part of a ritual ceremony. An interim government will run the small nation until the May 15, 2002 election.


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