Kay Griggs, illuminati wife, tells all!!!

Ex-Marine Colonel’s Wife Exposes Illuminati – Full Interview

If the public doesn’t believe in the Depopulation Agenda, they need to listen to Kay Griggs!!  Depopulation?  A Piece of Cake especially for those with an illuminist philosophy who think Depopulation is a Must.  People in the USA are a target.  Hence the Jade Helms maneuvers following up on the FEMA Camp buildups…..Ghost Cities in China….probable FEMA Camps waiting to be filled with Americans who don’t like the NWO Fascist Nazi Agenda.  Navy Seals work as wet operations and she states they were involved in Bill Colby, CIA heads, death after he requested Janet Reno’s investigating the Franklin Cover-Up/Illuminati Pedophile Ring going from Omaha to D.C. involving Congressmen, lobbyist Craig Spence, wealthy political donors, and Presidents, here and abroad.  She describes how these mercenaries are ABOVE THE LAW.  She describes how judges get rid of their wives using these special operatives, how her husband had been indoctrinated in MKUltra.  This is a VERY REVEALING interview….a MUST WATCH!!!

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