RFK Jr. has denied that Israel is doing a genocide in Gaza and claimed that they have the most most moral army in history.


This is just an insane and ridiculous position considering all that has transpired. The Jews have bombed Gaza into rubble, destroyed hospitals, destroyed schools, destroyed residential buildings, slaughtered women, murdered children etc.. They’re also blocking aid from entering Gaza in an attempt to starve the people there. They’re the most immoral force of terrorists in the history of the world.

Had he come out against Israel and the genocide they are doing he could have actually taken away a huge number of votes away from Joe Biden. Instead, he has chosen to be an ardent shill for the Jewish genocide machine.


It is also worth noting that many of his positions outside of the COVID-19 death shots are wrong. There was some hope that he’d be a viable alternative when he first announced his presidential candidacy but it is clear now that those hopes were totally unfounded.

Either way, the 2024 presidential election doesn’t mean a whole lot to me because of how corrupt and rigged the system is. Donald Trump is not going to save America.  If he becomes President again it will be because pro-Israel Jews pushed the issue and allowed him to regain the office.

No one man can save America any way. The system is too corrupt and insane to continue. It will need to collapse and something will have to be built in its place. This is an empire in collapse and when empires collapse chaos becomes the norm.

Comment:  America’s politicians are little boy sodomizing whores for Israel.  America is DOOMED.  Better get ready and stock up while you can or when the Dollar Collapse happens you will be Herded into FEMA Camps and probably mass murdered.  I wanted to believe in RFK Jr. especially as he was outing MKULTRA assassins, the CIA and their murders of RFK Sr. and John F Kennedy President.  It is now clear to me no one can even BE a politician unless they slavishly cater to the Satanists of the British Empire & Israel like Angie & Bill Gates do.