Only MP in Britain Loyal to His Constitutents Is Suspended

Andrew Bridgen has been suspended as a Conservative MP for spreading misinformation about Covid vaccination.

It comes after the North West Leicestershire MP posted a tweet that compared vaccines to the Holocaust.

Posting a link to an article on vaccines earlier, he said: “As one consultant cardiologist said to me, this is the biggest crime against humanity since the Holocaust. has been targeted by Parliament for reporting on the Covid Vaccine and Media Propaganda.

Conclusion (4):

The complaints-handler IPSO which claims to regulate both news media publishers and their social media platforms has failed to maintain basic standards of accuracy in respect of COVID-19 reporting.


  1. In addition to established media outlets, there are many other information/news websites which are publishing disinformation about COVID-19.


  1. These websites exist across the internet; many of them specialising in disinformation.


Here are three examples:


Name URL Summary
Zionist Bioweapon Against China-Coronavirus Anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that COVID-19 was started by the Israeli state.
There’s A Connection Between Coronavirus And 5G Alleges 5G is connected to COVID-19.
CORONAVIRUS HOAX: Fake Virus Pandemic Fabricated to Cover-Up Global Outbreak of 5G Syndrome Virus is a hoax staged to mask damaging effects of global 5G rollout.

The criminals own the media.  They have censored anyone telling the truth about the jabb-bioweapon and the Covid ‘Disease’.  It is a Jewish Conspiracy from start to finish.


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