Biden Works For Zionist “Jewish” Mafia

Joe Biden Works for Jews Not China

By infostormer -March 13, 20216

Unfortunately, there are large numbers of people who still believe that Joe Biden works for the Chinese. While he may have had some corrupt political dealings with Chinese businessmen in the past, he is most definitely not working for the Chinese government.

Biden is a puppet of Jews who have infested the United States. His entire cabinet is filled with Jews. One of these Jews is Anthony Blinken who is now the Secretary of State. He claims he is descended from Jews who survived Adolf Hitler’s fake shower room gas chambers.

Blinken is making all sorts of noise about Taiwan and engaging in agitations against China.

Comment: Mafia Money bagman George Soros is in trouble in Myanmar. The Mafia doesn’t like this.

Look at these headlines.

If Biden were working for China, this would not be happening. It makes no sense that a puppet of China would be actively involved in pushing for war against China. It couldn’t be any more obvious that he is a puppet of Jews and the Jews around him are pushing for a big war with China.

A war with China is the last thing we need which is why the Jews want it. China has become a major power center outside of the Jewish world government system and the Jews probably figure that the only way to integrate them into this insane system is through a war.

I do not believe any war will be successful against China, but the Jews are insane and they don’t care how many goyim die in their pursuit of establishing control over the world.

Myanmar Military seizes convicted felon George Soros’s bank accounts, issues arrest warrant against staff Volubrjotr

OSF Soros’s Open Society Foundation) is also accused of illegally withdrawing $1.4 million from its account at SMED a week after the military junta takeover in Myanmar at the beginning of February. The Military has also seized OSF banks accounts in the private banks of Myanmar, collectively amounting to the tune of $3.81 million. According […]

Read more of this postVolubrjotr | March 19, 2021 at 9:

Comment: Foreign Nations are sick and tired of corrupt Uncle Sam sheltering financial criminals like Satanist George Soros, military invasions and looting their countries to benefit the Satanic Elite Synagogue of Satan and yes “Synagogues” are 100% Jewish.

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