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Comment:  I am all for this Empire Collapsing and these worthless politicians held to account by Angry Voters.  They are All Scumbags without consciences.  The ONLY ones I see even Having a Conscience is Bernie Sanders who is outraged by the Gazan Genocide by Israel and RFK Jr who is naming the CIA’s criminal torture program MKULTRA.

No president will ever be elected that opposes Big Pharma, Big Banks and the WAR industry


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Published 4 months ago

– US political corruption and collapse. (0:03)

– Corruption, greed, and the collapse of society. (3:27)

– The negative impact of the US dollar and its potential replacement. (7:50)

– Financial preparedness and influencing society’s rebuilding after a collapse. (12:15)

– Economic collapse, gold, and silver. (16:36)

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