ZOG stooge Alexei Navalny who was propped up by the West as an anti-Putin opposition figure has died in prison.



The Jewish media is already talking about how Putin killed him.


Navalny was acting as an agent of foreign powers so I have no sympathy for the man. He was a traitor. There is also no evidence that Putin deliberately killed him.

Even if the ZOG people did present concrete evidence that Putin killed him, they can’t claim to hold any sort of moral high ground. These are the same people who have let people like Gonzalo Lira die in Ukrainian custody and have no problem with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange rotting away in jail. Lira and Assange were doing journalism and because their brand of journalism was not liked by certain people they were punished. We could also point to what was done to the J6 protesters and how they’re supporting Israel’s genocide of Gaza.

Based on all this, they have no right to throw stones at Putin over Navalny’s death. Navalny deserved his fate.