Jeanice Exposes the Medical System & Divergent Opinions Are Not Allowed (& How Dangerous the System Has Become)

Video Interviews With Jeanice

The Synagogue of Satan Rockefellers control Medicine and Health and have for a very long time.  The Rothschild (Satanists) Control the Big Pharma.  I can totally believe this cuz look at the way Hospitals were actually MURDERING Patients with vents for HUGE Payments ($39,000) during “Covid.”  She is absolutely right the Jewish Cult HATES Whites and Wants them all Dead.  But I disagree on one point:  They Hate ASIANS TOO!  Look at all the WARS Against Asians?  The Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Vietnam EVIL Phoenix Program, The WW2 War Against Japan, the Coming War Against China.  This cult HATES Everyone Russians and Ukrainians (native Christian ones) too!!!  I believe the Asian Genocide Agenda was War after War after War and involved the Torturing and Killing of Asians, burning down their houses, torturing them to death.  Mass Murder!

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