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My Personal Journey on How I Went From Sick to Healthy

Like so many others, I grew up eating carbs and sugars, and had a mouth full of amalgam fillings by the time I reached adulthood. The career that I aspired to that few people know about, and what instead really inspired me to bring me to where I am today.


game changer

Valuable Nutrition Information at Your Fingertips With Mercola Food Facts

Mercola Food Facts is filled with valuable nutrition facts, science and fun facts about your favorite healthy foods. If you’ve ever wondered which foods are best for you, and why, now you can find out.


mercola food facts

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Starting a Ketogenic Meal Plan?

My Ketone Energy MCT Oil can be added to foods and beverages to optimize your mitochondrial health. It’s 95 percent Caprylic Acid (C8) with no trans fatty acids or genetically engineered ingredients.

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Grape Seed Extract: A Health-Boosting Secret Found in Grapes

Grape seed extract is a substance derived from the seeds of red wine grapes. Discover what areas it may help you with, and whether eating actual grape seeds could be more beneficial than taking grape seed extract.

grape seed extract
Mercola RecipesCheck out the top and most recent healthy food recipes and learn how to prepare nutritious foods and snacks that are based on Dr. Mercola’s optimized Nutrition Plan.


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