Let Zelinsky Fight on the Front Lines His Own Self; He Promised Normalized Relations With Russia & Delivered Unwanted War

Ukrainians Desert En Masse Due to Rising Casualties, Mental Fatigue – Report

Comment:  Seems this war is calculated to Genocide as many Ukrainians as possible especially fighting age males so Ukraine can be absorbed by the Anglo-Dutch Empire as a food source-Monsanto and other corporations colony.  It’s dirty and rotten what is going on.

A Ukrainian soldier helps a wounded comrade in the Kharkov region, Ukraine, on Sept. 12, 2022. - Sputnik International, 1920, 08.10.2023
Comment:  Actually I feel very sorry for the Ukrainian soldiers.  I fully support ALL of them going AWOL.  Let the gay Zelensky do his dance on the Front Line and fight his own war.  Nobody in Ukraine voted for war with Russia and they are being USED & ABUSED and mass murdered.   Fuck Zelensky!
The highly anticipated counteroffensive of Kiev, which began on June 4th, has already resulted in the deaths of over 90,000 Ukrainian servicemen, with the additional loss of over 500 tanks.
According to a Chinese newspaper, the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) are grappling with a surge in desertions caused by increasing casualties and mental exhaustion among soldiers.

The news outlet cited “emerging reports of ever-increasing stress and mental health issues, with soldiers reluctant to take to the battlefield as they feel they do not have enough time to recover from their traumatic experiences.”

The newspaper added that “numerous” UAF servicemen “have gone the entire year with only a handful of days spent at home, with many being thrust back onto the front line, leading to a spike in suicides.”
The media outlet cited Romanian immigration authorities as saying that “6,200 Ukrainian men of military age have crossed their border illegally, while some 20,000 have fled with special permits, though these are often falsified documents such as medical certificates and exemptions.”
On top of that, the newspaper added that the UAF struggles with a shortage of ammunition due to “inconsistent donations and varying arms types.”

“This leads to the inefficient use of supplies due to shells, and to rockets being unreliable in their accuracy, which can result in equipment being damaged and soldiers injured. This contributes to low morale in the Ukrainian troops,” per the newspaper.

With the assistance of NATO instructors, the Ukrainian forces have been trying to make progress on various front lines since the beginning of June.
Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized that the UAF has been unable to achieve any significant success on the fronts, already suffering the loss of over 90,000 soldiers and 557 tanks.

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