“[Shatter the CIA Into] A Thousand Pieces” President JF Kennedy

Comment: Caveat Emptor. I got a shitload of malware when I downloaded A Thousand Pieces. Junk mail (hundreds of junk emails) were sent to the email address I used to pay for this video. I spent the entire time watching this video deleting all the junk!

Comment: Although most of this video is truthful I personally distrust Robert David Steele if for no other reason than he has been outed as being funded by the British Empire (which is ousting Trump via their CIA/FBI/NSA alphabet agencies and corrupted officials) by Kevin Annett.

Evidently Mr. Steele is not the “nice Guy” or humble activist he is presenting himself to be. See the following:

Freemason Symbols of Robert David Steele & Sacha Stone

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Throughout the numerous Phoenix Journals Sananda/Jesus and God/Aton have has said, that “EACH DARK ENERGY WILL WEAR ABOUT THEIR COUNTENANCE “A SIGN” WHICH THOSE AWAKENING ONES WILL BE ABLE TO CLEARLY SEE”

According to the Laws of God and Creation-Law number twelve, says that we are to condemn no human being but rightly judge their ACTIONS and BEHAVIOR against the Laws of God and the Creation.

In the following two part interview Dr. Katherine Horton sits down to discuss the latest smear campaign being carried out against Kevin Annett by two, ITNJ-International Tribunal for Natural Justice officers; Robert David Steele and Sacha Stone. This latest attack follows directly on the heels of ITCCS releasing  a media advisory that Mormon Church leader Russell M. Nelson, who met with ‘Pope Francis’, was accused of child rape and cult ritual killings by church insiders.

Considering Mr. Steele’s history as a covert CIA operations officer in El Salvador during its bloody civil war, Dr. Katherine Horton as well as others have uncovered some very disturbing and dangerous evidence which point to Satanic, Illuminati, Masonic, and Vatican Crime Cartel symbolism which is strewn throughout ITNJ very own home webpage as well as Mr. Steel’s personal webpage, as well as Sacha Stone’s.

God/Aton says, “The adversarial forces (those who choose to disconnect from Source and oppose those who choose to remain connected) must ALWAYS wear a sign.  The clues are ALWAYS there”. Let’s look for the clues.

In the latter half of the interview Dr. Horton exposes the adversarial forces “signs” that are there, hiding in plain sight. For the untrained eye the satanic symbolism can easily be missed. Examples of signs hiding in plane site are; the Swiss Cross, Judges Black and White Robe, Vatican Crime Cartel chair, Purple Garb, ITNJ Crest, and the artichoke, and use of British Intelligence language, and picture of ITNJ “Contract” with red finger prints that appear to be dipped in blood to name a handful.

Ultimately we ALL MUST DISCERN FOR SELF, no one is beyond the influence of all the trickery of the master of deceit-the adversary.

For those who wish to investigate further please see the supplementary links which follow Dr. Horton’s interview with Kevin Annett.

Interview with Kevin Annett on his threatened arrest by ITNJ officers; with Katherine Horton, March 21, 2019

Disinfo & Sabotage – Kevin Annett (Stop 007)


Supplementary links

Addendum on Robert David Steele (Stop 007)


Sacha Stone: “arise homo sapiens: from the ashes of the g-ds”https://newearth.media/arise-homo-sapiens-ashes-g-ds/embed/#?secret=Sa7X1BMr9c

Note: Use of the term Homo Sapiens?

‘Live’ at Dartington Great Hallhttps://sachastone.com/sacha-stone-live-at-dartington-great-hall/embed/#?secret=kCP9vtdqOf

Sacha Stone: Arise Homo Sapienshttps://sachastone.com/

Robert David Steele: Public Intelligence Bloghttps://phibetaiota.net/

Robert David Steele: Primary Website

Web Sites


ITNJ Home Web Page

ITNJ Welcome

Hatonn states, “It is the age-old adage that those who are moving forward are always feared (and thus attacked) by those who are lagging behind. Your world history is full of such examples.

Always look at the actions of ones claiming to be doing God’s work. Do they belittle others? If so, then what is the purpose of such ridicule? Ridicule and intimidation only serve to propagate low-frequency emotions in others and thus facilitate mind control”.http://www.fourwinds10.net/siterun_data/spectrum/volume1/pdf/100599.PDF

See links for pictures of satanic imageryCapture.JPG–ITNJ– red finger prints dipped in blood..JPG

Comment: Robert David Steele, IMO, is a Trojan Horse set up to infiltrate legitimate Activists and Dissidents and to direct and influence their courses of action to NEUTRALIZE them in service to the EVIL EMPIRE. He works for the ZIONIST Cabal Crime Syndicate. He is a FREEMASON aka member of the Secret Societies. At the top Freemasonry is Satanism. For example the Pedophile pervert Herbert [Bush] was a 33rd Degree Freemason and Satanist and everyone at the top knew this.

Zionist Asset: Sacha Stone wearing hat with red star.

Freemason Symbolism on their logo:

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