Forbes Does a Hit Piece on Adrenochrome

The Adrenochrome Conspiracy Theory—Pushed By ‘Sound Of Freedom’ Star—Explained (

Comment:  Being Forbes is an establishment magazine and all of them are owned by the Rothschilds, Rupert Murdoch, Blackwater/Vanguard Criminal Syndicate representing the British Empire this is to be expected.  The Crime Syndicate maintains its’ power by placing & appointing highly compromised people in top positions that they can blackmail with the pedophilia videos and pictures they retain of them.  This way the compromised Judge/Politician, CEO, Actor,  Media Talking Head, etc. will do what they are told to do.  The crime syndicate known as the BRITISH EMPIRE basically controls all the media pretty much everywhere with few exceptions especially the American Media which is extremely tightly controlled.  This ensures only the narrative they want Americans to hear is heard.  Basically American media is mostly lies & deceit with highly paid puppets spouting scripted lines.

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