About Jared Kushner-Zionist Synagogue of Satan AntiChrist? I Wouldn’t Doubt It! Note His Connection to Bill Gates!

My Comment:  The capital of the New World Luciferian Order Will Be Israel Where the Chosenites From Hell Reside.  They used to capture and eat Christian babies and were kicked out of more than 100 countries…so then , WHY were they welcomed into the United States where they took over the government.  They control our Media, Publishing, TV stations, Cable TV, Google, Tesla Technology, Medicine & Science, CDC Putting Out Autism Causing Vaccines, Helly Wood, Zionist Christianity as Well As the Trinity Broadcasting Network-Zionist Christian Networks, Our Congress, Presidents, Lobbyists, etc as well as the Pentagon, FBI, Dept. of Homeland Security, Israeli Mossad Intelligence, CIA, Intelligence of Basically All Western Nations, etc.  We Are not a free country but a Zionist Occupied Government-occupied by the Synagogue of Satan.

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