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Amazingly the missing link to the online post about Smart Cities was corrupted – again.

This is a strange phenomenon, because I tested the url several times before adding it, and the link was perfect. Then, once the email was sent, code was added to the link that corrupted it. In Dutch we say, “It is as if the devil is playing with it”. Anyway, we never give up, so here it is for the third time.

There is a reason why there is such trouble getting this link to you. This full online post about Smart Cities is a very important warning. Make sure not to miss it. There is an indescribably evil assault on humanity, and Smart Cities are at the very heart of it. This is the stuff from bad movies that is becoming reality. If there ever was a time to truly open our eyes, and wake up the rest of humanity, it is now…

So go to the online post, and share it far and wide. If we don’t warn the rest of the world, who will?


Comment:  Being the CIA hires the top guns in computer technology it’s not hard to figure out who is doing this as the CIA is in the Employ of the Satanic British Empire-Anti-Humanity and is involved in the Torture Slave program known as Monarch and the Torture-Slave-Assassin Program known as MKULTRA.

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