The COVID hoax pretty much blew the lid off of how evil and corrupt the medical industry is. Hospitals were taking in money from the government to inflate the number of alleged COVID cases they had. They were also putting people on ventilators for no good reason and killing them via the ventilators. You also had them refusing to administer cheap treatments like Ivermectin while pushing the deadly experimental fake vaccine shots. They helped participate in a massive fraud and genocide against the public.

Now we have this Reuters report confirming how unbelievably evil and corrupt doctors are. Thousands of them were paying the government to avoid consequences pertaining to civil settlements over their own malpractice.


I have mostly tried to avoid visiting hospitals and doctors my entire adult life. I get that this is unavoidable some times, but I simply do not trust these people and my trust is even lower after the COVID hoax and reports like these.

The entire medical industry is also by no coincidence dominated by Jews.