Traitor Powell & Traitor Albright Say World is Changing in Disturbing Ways (They Could Be Tried & Hung!) These Two Directly Engineered Policies For Killing Children!

Powell and Albright say world is changing in disturbing ways after Trump

by TUT editor

ed note–a few reminders here concerning the persons making these comments and from just what kind of cloth they are cut.

As concerned earthlings paying close attention to those heady political earthquakes taking place these days will recall, Colin Powell was an integral gear making up the machinery of the JNWO in furthering the millenia-old agenda that is now coming into focus more and more everyday. As Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, he oversaw the initial destruction of Iraq per Israel’s orders under George H. W. Bush, and then a decade later, acted as THE firing pin on the gun that sentenced Iraq to the final assassin’s bullet to the head where as Sec of State he gave false testimony to the UN concerning Iraq’s non-existent nuclear weapons program and why for the sake of world safety it was necessary to go in and finish that process of deliberate destruction of the Middle East begun by GHWB at the very same time not-so-coincidentally Jews around the world were celebrating Purim.

His counterpart, Madeline Albright, played an almost mirrored-image role and is now infamous for publicly justifying the deaths of 500,000 innocent Iraqi children as part and parcel of that deliberate genocide inflicted against them by the American Golem who was for all intents and purposes the plaything of Judea, Inc in acting as the Maccabean hammer against the Ishmaelites of the Middle East.

And along comes one Donald J. Trump, who has made clear his intention (s) not only to steer clear of any new wars for Jewry’s sake, but as well, has signaled his intention to begin at least the rudimentary process of coming to some sort of workable resolution to the Palestinian catastrophe that has acted as the ignition point for all the unrest in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Note that neither of these two had anything similar to say about Trump’s predecessors who for all intents and purposes recited (almost) exactly word-for-word the scripts written for them by the various Spielbergs and Weinsteins who got them their ‘starring roles’ within that big action adventure drama known as the political process in America.

For those still a lil’ slow in the political math department who just don’t seem to ‘get it’ vis a vis what Powell and Albright are up to here, allow us to spell it out for you…

Trump has–in various ways and on various fronts–not only began putting the brakes on that hateful piece of machinery known as American military adventurism in the Middle East and elsewhere, but as well, is attempting to put said machinery into reverse and back away from the abyss while (he imagines) there is still time.

The powers-that-be responsible for pouring the mobs of long haired, tattooed, vulgar, violent types covered head to toe with so many body piercings that they appear to have been dragged through a fishing tackle box understand that there is only so much of this that middle-of-the-road Americans can take before they swing in directions antithetical to the intended outcome and therefore have to bring out the ‘respectable’ voices–a black former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs/Secretary of State and a white Jewish woman, also a former Secretary of State–to ‘balance’ things out. Read more of this post

Admin Comment:  Madam Albright is a Zionist and Collins is a Zionist Puppet.

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