Also Needed: Massive Infrastructure Development, Treaties With Russia & China, Transparency on Bioweapons Labs in Ukraine & Transparency on CIA Monarch & MKULTRA Criminal Projects

Featured ImageBOSTON, MA – APRIL 19: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. officially announces his candidacy for President on April 19, 2023 in Boston, MassachusettsScott Eisen / Stringer / Getty
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Comment:  We also need the NAWAPA Water Development Program, Fusion Energy, and to Join the BRICs nations in trade and infrastructure development as well as Glass Steagall and a Pecora Commission.  This would just be a start.

(LifeSiteNews) — Medical freedom champion and Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. spelled out his governing priorities in a Tuesday interview, further carving out a reputation as a populist challenger to the political establishment.

With the national Democratic Party having announced that it has “no plans to sponsor primary debates,”  RFK Jr., attorney and nephew of the late President John F. Kennedy, is left to argue his case for presidential election on independent platforms like Freddie Sayers’ UnHerd. 



Kennedy explained to Sayers, who posed as a skeptic, how he intends to reclaim the interests of the American people in government affairs, which he criticized as having been corrupted by mega-corporate influence.

According to Kennedy, this state-corporate merger is “systematically hollowing out the American middle class, through wars…bank bailouts…lockdowns,” and more. To put the federal government back on track, Kennedy intends to end the war machine, strengthen civil liberties, reorganize U.S. intelligence, and disentangle regulatory agencies from the businesses they’re supposed to keep in check.

He pointed out that the COVID lockdowns cost a whopping $16 trillion and shifted $4 trillion in wealth “from the American middle class to [a] new oligarchy of billionaires.” In addition, recent American wars, including the war in Ukraine, have cost a total of $8 trillion, for which Americans are getting a return of “worse than nothing.”

“So that’s $24 trillion in total. Is it any wonder that we don’t have a middle class left in the United States of America? And unless we rebuild the middle class and rebuild our economy, our national security is going to fail, and our democracy is going to fail,” said Kennedy.

One of Kennedy’s key priorities — restoring the integrity of U.S. regulatory agencies — is informed by 40 years of experience litigating against those agencies, he pointed out.

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