The U.S. Dollar Hegemony WILL COLLAPSE as Nations Continue to Dump the Dollar; American People Will Be the Big Losers

Brazil and China Reach Deal to Ditch US Dollar


Brazil and China have just reached a deal to get rid of the US Dollar and will now do trade in their own currencies. You know things are heading south when even the Marxist Lula is striking deals like this.



As the entire dollar system is being undermined around the world, the Brandon regime is focused on the bullshit war in the Ukraine, green energy nonsense and pushing LGBTQPIA2K+ faggot agendas. They are not doing anything of substance to try and reverse the damage.

What America is doing right now is the equivalent of a firefighter being high on meth jacking off all over the place as he watches his own house burn to the ground. This is largely happening because stupid Jews are running America and they do not care what becomes of it or its people.

Kenya’s Leader Tells People to Get Rid of Their US Dollars


A large number of African countries had representatives in Russia last week and now we see Kenya’s leader telling his people to get rid of their US Dollars. Seems to me like there is a connection between these two events.




Hilariously, Kamala the brown whore is visiting Africa this week.

She’s being sent to Africa by the Jews to try and get these blacks in check.


It’s not going to work.

The only thing she’ll succeed in doing is embarrassing herself. That’s all she does on these trips.

Plus why would Africa want to do business with her over Russia and China? What the hell does America offer outside of wars and lectures about gay anal sex? Is she promising to blow a bunch of African political leaders so they continue using the US Dollar? What is the plan here?

Sudan Looking to Diversify Out of the US Dollar


Even the most low IQ of African peoples are trying to ditch the US Dollar.


Sudan and Russia are mulling ways to switch to national currencies in mutual settlements, Sudanese ambassador to Russia, Hassan Mohammed Elghazali Eltijani Sirraj, has told RIA Novosti news agency.

According to the diplomat, the countries’ central banks are currently discussing the possibility.

“Russia has suggested to Sudan to use a system of financial transactions, in which we would use national currencies. This issue is being discussed by the central banks of both countries; we will see if this is possible. This is largely a technical issue. The central banks will study this issue, see how it actually works, and in the near future we should see the result,” Sirraj explained.

Russia has been actively moving away from the US dollar and euro in foreign trade for months, after Western sanctions against the country made the currencies unreliable. Instead, it has been expanding its circle of trade partners with whom settlements are made in national currencies.

This really should tell you all you need to know about the direction things are going. People around the world view the United States and the evil Jewish empire that it is the center of as a highly corrupt and collapsing entity. They are looking for ways to delink themselves from it so they are less impacted by its ongoing collapse.

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