Ban the Jab!

Banning the poison is only half of the solution. The other half is public hangings for all responsible.
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Subject: Another BIG domino fell! Collier County Joined Lee County in Call to Ban the Jab!!!
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Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhDMar 7 · Dr. Ana’s Newsletter
I cannot tell you how much hope this news gives me. Dr. Sansone emailed me this morning about the result in Collier County and I have been focusing and praying for good news. All I can say is thank you so much, please keep going. This gives me and others so much hope. God bless those brave people who voted against genocide. Bravo Florida. Thank you Dr. Sansone!

The Collier County Republican party passed the Lee County Ban the Jab Resolution!!! Passed with at least 90-95% of the vote!

I want to thank the patriots of the Collier County GOP for standing with Lee County in declaring C19 injections biological and technological weapons and calling for the Governor DeSantis and the legislature to immediately ban the jab. And also calling for the attorney general to confiscate the vials and conduct forensic audits of the contents.

I also want to thank interim chair Dan Cook and the rest of the board members for allowing me to speak as a guest speaker. Collier county GOP has an awesome group of patriots.

The train has left the station. Two of the most powerful Republican County political parties in the state of Florida are calling for a ban on the jab. One by one the dominoes are falling as each of the GOP counties will flip.

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