Project Veritas Kicks Out James O’Keefe. What is Going On? (It Has Been Politically Corrupted By the Cabal.)


Project Veritas kicks out James O’Keefe. What is going on?

The founder and driving force of Project Veritas, James O’ Keefe has been placed on paid leave by his own board.


Why doesn’t this surprise me? Because I have seen it happen over and over again: the person who started an incredibly powerful mission, to fight against the forces of evil in a truly extraordinary way, gathers a group of people around him which he trusts. Their influence grows, powerful things happen, for the benefit of the world, evil is pushed back…

And suddenly… WHAM! The “trusted team” stabs the founder and visionary in the back.

In rare cases it can be legit to stand up against a leader, as sometimes good men end up in the same evil they were initially fighting. But I have seen more situations where it is simply an inside attack, to take down a person who is simply doing too much damage to the realm of darkness.

What I have seen, time and again, is that people who don’t have the same courage, who haven’t build the same ministry, who haven’t risked it all, who haven’t been raided by the FBI, who haven’t been threatened, and who didn’t stepped up to the plate to do what it takes to powerfully fight back against evil, love to focus on the weakness of the one person who DOES do all the previous.

If somebody doesn’t like the leader of a mighty ministry, why don’t they just leave?

Nobody forces you to stay in a place where you are not comfortable. If you believe you can do better, than step out and do it yourself. See if you can build the same kind of ministry, and better. But no… they decide to perform a coup. They take over the entire work built by somebody else, thinking they can do without the person who has worked hard to build Project Veritas.

When a wolf attacks a lioness


The same is going on with Dr. Simone Gold, the founder of Americas Frontline Doctors. She took the risk, and administered hydroxychloroquine to save the lives of C0VID patients. Consequently she was fired from both her hospitals, and was left without a job, as a single mother. But instead of wining in a corner, she gathered fine physicians from around the country and revealed to the world that there are treatments for C0VID.

Dr. Gold singlehandedly started one of the most powerful movements I have ever seen in the history of this world. A true hero of humanity who dared to look Big Tech, and Big Pharma in their horrible face, and shouted: “We are coming after you!” What a lioness!

She even went to January 6, and inside the Capitol proclaimed a message of justice and liberty. As a result, the criminal FBI raided her home, which left her traumatized with PTSD. On top of that she was locked up in jail for six months.

But the message of hope, truth, justice and liberty kept resounding through millions of voices, thanks to Americas Frontline Doctors. She inspired countless people around the world to follow her example. The flame in her heart became a worldwide raging wildfire.

Then the betrayal came. One of her employees came after her like a vicious wolf, trying to destroy her completely. False accusations, that are sadly too readily believed.

The World Alliance for Health faced a similar battle, where accusations were being released against the founder of an initiative that simply wants to reform the health industry, and bring truth and hope to humanity. And we know what happened to Reiner Fuellmich, who was falsely accused by his closest teammate, who went all out in an attempt to publicly destroy him.

The fruit says it all…


How can we deal with these situations that are happening all around us? Are all these founders of wonderful initiatives suddenly evil, because somebody starts attacking them? There is one way to know:

look at their fruit. A bad tree will not bear good fruit, and a good tree will not bear bad fruit.

What has James O’Keefe done? No, I don’t mean his board, who take no risks at all, who weren’t raided by the FBI, but who sit safely in the back, criticizing what the warrior in the frontlines does. I don’t mean them. I am talking about James. He has been exposing evil in this world, in a way humanity has never seen before. He delivered one massive blow after the other to the strongholds of corruption.

CNN, The New York Times, Google, Twitter, Pfizer, they all went down… hard… for all the world to see.

Shockwaves went throughout the earth, as the exposure of extreme corruption shook millions upon millions of people wide awake. James went into the den of wolves, like a roaring lion, and dragged them out, one by one, exposing their cruel crimes to the world.

Now he is being betrayed by the board he appointed to support him. I don’t know the inside story, but I know the fruit of O’ Keefe. I know the fruit of Simone Gold. I know the fruit of Reiner Fuellmich.


These are the bulls that have been storming into the headquarters of the cabal, holding nothing back, giving it all, risking everything.

Will we drop them, when they are being assaulted from behind, by the very people they trusted?

Of course they have flaws, we all do. That’s not the point. You can destroy anyone, when you focus on – and enlarge – their weaknesses. We all need grace.

But what is their core drive, their essential passion, their true motivation? And what is the fruit of their immensely hard work?

That’s what interests me.

Let’s not betray the heroes of humanity.

Stand with them.

They gave it all for us.

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