FDA Laughed as People Died. FDA “Major Shift”=An Annual Cull of Seniors, Kids & Disabled

The FDA “major shift” = an annual cull of seniors, kids, and the disabled


Holy sh*t the news is bleak right now.

I. Eugenicists gonna eugenicize

On Monday, the FDA through its various PR firms announced a “major shift” — that is actually just implementing the plan that they have had for a year — to make Covid shots annual like the failed flu shot program.

Only 10% of the population has gotten the 8-mouse bivalent Covid shot. As I predicted, by splitting the mRNA between two different strains the shots were less effective in responding to either variant, while still generating original antigenic sin and fueling the evolution of variants. Great job, geniuses.

The only people getting these shots are the true believers and the people who cannot avoid them because they are captured by the Pharma state — seniors in long term care facilities, kids who want to go to school, and the disabled.

This announcement (and the meeting tomorrow that will rubber stamp this decision) will make permanent an annual cull of seniors, kids, and the disabled via Covid shots. First they killed off seniors with the flu shot. Then apparently that was not killing enough of them so they developed “high dose” flu shots (that are now given to 80% of seniors) with double the adjuvant and 3x to 4x more antigen. Now they want to accelerate the killing so they will add the Covid clot shot every year until there are no more seniors left. These shots have never actually stopped the flu or Covid (because those viruses mutate too fast and FDA officials have no idea how the immune system actually works).

This is eugenics. We live in a country that practices eugenics right out in the open and calls it enlightened and benevolent policy (just like the Third Reich Germans). The Democrats’ plan to save Social Security and Medicare is quite literally to kill seniors and the disabled. And when students develop chronic illness from the shots, Pharma is able to drain all wealth from their families and take their lifetime earnings to pay for treatments just to survive. Are they doing this consciously? No, they are not that smart. But “the base determines the superstructure” and the economic base in the United States is the Pharma cartel so whatever serves its interests becomes the values that guide mainstream society.

II. The U.S. Department of Defense gives $3 million more to the EcoHealth Alliance — the money laundering operation that funded the creation of SARS-CoV-2

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Richard H. Ebright @R_H_Ebright
EcoHealth, the US organization that worked with the Wuhan Institute of Virology to construct novel SARS-related coronaviruses with 10,000x enhanced viral growth and 4x enhanced lethality, received new $3 million US Department of Defense grant in December.

Officially the grant is for “reducing the threat of viral spillover from wildlife in the Philippines” — whatever that means. Perhaps it’s a euphemism for developing the PR campaign to blame some sort of Filipino soup for the next pandemic?

Question: the last time the DoD worked with the EcoHealth Alliance, 6 million people died. So if the DoD considers that project a success, then what exactly would a failed project look like? Are there any circumstances under which DoD would consider NOT contracting with EcoHealth Alliance?

At this point the only people being prosecuted in connection with the pandemic are the brave doctors who actually figured out how to treat Covid.

III. The FDA celebrated their social media campaign to block access to lifesaving medicine during a pandemic

Newly released documents reveal that the FDA’s infamous “You are not a horse” tweet was not some mistake by the social media intern. Instead it was a carefully planned institutional attempt to discourage people from taking a lifesaving medicine (ivermectin) during a pandemic and the FDA was delighted with the results.

Rational Ground by Justin Hart
FDA Laughed as People Died. The Infamous Ivermectin Horse Tweet FOIAs
Remember this tweet from August 2021? This was the infamous “You are not a horse” tweet dissing the use of Ivermectin for treatment of COVID-19. It was insulting and beneath the dignity of a major health institution like the FDA. Rational Ground by Justin Hart is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming …
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FOIAs requested by the Epoch Times show FDA staff thrilled with the results which garnered them thousands of new followers across many social media platforms and millions of impressions.

Acting Chief of Staff Julia Tierney gushed in an email:

Ivermectin won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2015. It’s a natural broad-spectrum antiviral, antibiotic, antiparasitic, anticancer drug that is safer than aspirin. And the FDA CELEBRATED their efforts to block Americans from accessing this medicine DURING A PANDEMIC. I’m running out of words to describe the depth of the depravity of these people.

IV. What is to be done

I have repeatedly shown that the people we are fighting are delusional psychopaths. Every day they seems to grow worse and more disconnected from reality, decency, and humanity. We talk a lot about Nuremberg 2.0 — and we definitely need to prosecute those who are leading the iatrogenocide. But there are thousands of people just one level below the leaders who are every bit as vile and disgusting.

What are we to do with them? This is the question that all successful revolutions eventually face and historically there have been no good answers. Cuba executed thousands of members of the former regime. Nicaragua jailed them and then later freed them in an amnesty (only to watch them walk across the border where they set up the Contra). And China sent bougiecrats to re-education camps (working on rural farms) until they could be rehabilitated and allowed to re-enter society. Obviously Americans of good faith would find all of these approaches unacceptable.

But thankfully in our case we do not have to do anything. We just have to be patient and wait — the monstrous bougiecrats have all taken multiple doses of the clot shot and now face significantly elevated risk of heart attack, stroke, prion disease, and sudden death.

Our side simply needs to:

Have lots of babies, homeschool, and wait.

Homestead, learn how to grow your own food, learn how to use firearms, and wait.

Run for school board, wear your “Wakefield was right” t-shirt to Trader Joe’s, host viewing parties of Vaxxed at your house, and wait.

Start a business, start a church, build a granny flat out back, give copies of Turtles All the Way Down to your friends, and wait.

I mourn the extraordinary loss of life caused by Pharma. We should save as many people as we can. But we have to stop doing the emotional labor for people who are determined to jump into the volcano to be pleasing to Moloch.

We must exit from the mainstream society that is dying and escape to the healthy parallel society that we are building.

We have to play the long game, and, as macabre as it is to say this out loud, our opponents are offing themselves at an astonishing rate. Oveta Fuller is not the only member of the VRBPAC who is going to die from the clot shot. In the coming years, the gatekeepers in public health, the mainstream media, and politics will all be driven from their jobs by their own bad medical decisions. If anything, we should encourage them to keep getting boosted. We are blessed with the dumbest political opponents ever. So we just have to keep the faith and wait.

As Max Planck once wrote,

A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.

In our case, our opponents are going to die sooner than normal because of the clot shot. Our task is to build up the new generation that knows better than to inject toxic junk into their bodies.

Blessings to the warriors. 🙌

Pray without ceasing for everyone fighting to stop the iatrogenocide. 🙏

Huzzah for everyone building the parallel society our hearts know is possible. ✊

In the comments, please let me know what’s on your mind.

As always, I welcome any corrections.

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