Mossad is killing our FBI, police and military that don’t go along with the Jewish agenda and the Congress is looking the other way)

  1. HarrietMay 23, 2013 @ 11:03 pmNo one does it better than Brother Nathanael!The Jewish problem we face in America has destroyed the country I love.

    The precious human being we call Brother Nathanael has the answer. He has provided the Fact Sheet that says Jews control America.

    Yes he is right. Jews control money (Jews also have stolen our money in addition to perpetrating other crimes on Americans as well as on other countries and their citizens), Jews control media (and the Jew controlled media lies to Americans to keep them in the dark about Jewish crime).

    Jews control Congress (by the Jewish lobby which bribes US politicians in order to subvert America and America is occupied land just like Palestine is.

    Mossad is killing our FBI, police and military that don’t go along with the Jewish agenda and the Congress is looking the other way).  Comment:  Congress is controlled by the Jews as the Jews have photo and video evidence of them fornicating with minors.

  2. Jews control the White House (the US president is reduced to a servant for the Jews), Jews control policy and courts (and we have no justice for the American citizen. Our resources are sent to Israel. Israel is America’s parasite). Comment:  Rothschilds British Empire controls & CREATED Israel and Controls America getting America to fight wars for them.

    Jews control Homeland Security, and this awful agency is planning to kill millions of Americans. They have set up FEMA camps and Fusion Centers to harm Americans, Jews control the US military (and uses it to destroy the world while killing America’s youth), Jews control corporations (medical and drug and various other corporations are destroying lives).

    Jews control education (which has perverted our youth and destroyed their abilities), Jews control culture (that has caused degradation of our once beautiful society which was built by the Christian majority).

    How long is it going to take some great man like President Putin to take control of America, save it from the Jewish grip and make America free again?

    Thank you for supporting our dear Brother Nathanael who is exposing the Jewish menace that can free humanity.

    God bless you for helping Brother Nathanael to continue this important work.

    Exposing the worst criminal syndicate is the highest form of good anyone can do on behalf of humanity and the planet.

    Yes the Jewry is also conspiring to undermine Russia.

  3. HaifaMay 23, 2013 @ 11:03 pmYes, but that which you own, will soon own you!

    Little do they know they are slaves themselves!

Fact Sheet:
Jews Control America

By Brother Nathanael Kapner Copyright 2013
May 23, 2013

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 The Rothschilds, Goldman Sachs, and Warburgs of Hamburg are primary holders of the Federal Reserve Bank.


 CBS is owned by Murray Rothstein (aka Sumner Redstone).

 NBC is owned by Brian Roberts.

 ABC is owned by Sydney Bass with Robert Iger as CEO.

 CNN is primarily owned by Aviv Nevo.


 Jewish Lobbies AIPACADLNational Jewish Democratic CouncilRepublican Jewish Coalition with their BILLIONS hang ALL the hacks on Capitol Hill on a Jewstring.


 Jacob Lew — Treasury SecretaryPenny Pritzker — Commerce SecretaryKenneth Feinberg — Pay CzarValerie Jarrett — Senior AdvisorDavid Axelrod — Special Advisor.


 Carl Levin is head of the Senate Armed Services Committee and Diane Feinstein chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee.

 The US State Department finds Jews in the highest positions of authority.

 American Enterprise Institute and the Foreign Policy Initiative, both Jewish neocon ‘think tanks,’ dictate warmongering agendas to the Jewish-bought Congress.


 Three Jews sit on the Supreme Court Bench: Elena Kagan, Stephen Breyer, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.


 The Chertoff GroupAnti-Defamation LeagueIsraeli Intelligence, run DHS.


 Military brass depend on the Jewish-owned Fed for their paychecks.

 Military brass depend on Armaments Manufacturers, whose stocks are underwritten by Jewish Investment Banks, for perks and post-military careers.

 Bowing to the Jews in Israel last month, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel took the mark-of-the-beast when placing the Jewish Yarmulke on his head.


 Jewish Investment Banks like Goldman Sachs and Citigroup underwrite the stocks of American corporations and thus dictate the offshoring of US jobs to China and India for cheap labor and BIG profits.


 The American Federation of Teachers is run by Jews and the ADL has infiltrated the Public Schools, brainwashing young children with homosexual and race-mixing books.

 Jews donate huge grants to the Ivy League Schools and place Jewish personnel in high positions such as David Skorton, President of Cornell and Allan Garber, Provost of Harvard.

 Jewish Wall Street mogul, Sanford Weil, Chairman Emeritus of Citigroup, is a major benefactor of Cornell University and also funds 500 Academies via his National Academy Foundation.


 Rachel Tiven is head of Immigration Equality.

 Susanne Salkind and Michael Schwartz are Associate Directors for the LGBT Lobby Group, Human Rights Campaign.

 Keshet is a National LGBT Jewish Lobby.

 Joe Biden recently “praised” Jewish leaders for growing the Homosexual agenda due to their control of Hollywood and the Media.


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And: Jewry’s Lock On America’s Security Click Here

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  1. Brother NathanaelMay 23, 2013 @ 9:57 pmDear Real Jew News Family -I am the ONLY ONE that NAMES the JEW Names!

    Alex Jones, Gerald Celente, and ALL the rest of the eye-wash pros, FEAR to use the Jew word.

    Not me. For if we DON’T use the JEW WORD we get nowhere.

    The Jews MUST be EXPOSED as the CULPRITS who have DESTROYED America in every aspect of America’s infrastructure, culture, and economy.

    I NAME THE NAMES. I NAME the JEW NAMES. I am NOT Afraid of Christ-Killing Jews!
    On Another Note

    I Need Your Financial Help To Continue.

    I am up to my ears now in debt due to Credit Card Loans I Have Been FORCED to Take Out DUE to LOW NUMBERS of Donations.

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