Illuminati Mind Control Victim/Survivor Endorses LaRouche Publications On Specific Issues



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There are issues with Lyndon LaRouche, who is now dead, and things he got wrong; but, when I look at the Executive Intelligence Review, I see what seem to be correct assessments of the Schumann Resonance, the War in the Ukraine, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the English Royal Family, Fake Environmentalism, the Drug Trade, Socialized Medicine, the Anti-Defamation League, George Soros, and Henry Kissinger.


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  1. Monarch Mind Control Programmers

Morse Allen

Lt. Col. John Alexander
Richard Dabney Anderson
Michael Aquino (program cover name Malcolm, also known to some children as Mickey, Betty Ford is his mother, Illum, bloodline, married to Lilith Sinclair)
Bill Bennett
Wilbur Bowers (program cover name Billy Boy, a Rothschild)
Dr. William Jennings
Bryan  Burcham  Burnell-Hightower
Sen. Robert C. Byrd
Dr D Ewen Cameron (program cover name Dr White)
Sue Carper
Joe Circo
Mark Circo
Wayne Cox
Dr. Bernard Diamond
Michael Delaney (prog. covr name Robin Hood)
Russell G. Frazier
Gaston  Beth George (a Rothschild)
Clair George
Dr Sydney Gottlieb
Col. Wilson Green
John Gunter (program cover name Little John)
Haggin  Harrick in Denver, Co.
Col. Height (sp.?)
Lawrence Hinkle
Alex Houston
Ed Hummel
Dr. Harris Isbell
Dr. Jensen  Johnson
Steve Kilgore
Kris Kristopherson
Helga LaRouche 
Hank Levine
Jerry Lee Lewis 
Dr. John Lilly
Col. Manassah
Irby Mandrell
Hal Meadows
Dr. Meiers (program cover name The Jolly Green Giant)
Seward Prosser Mellon (program cover name Governor)
Dr. Josef Mengele (program cover name Dr. Green) 
Dr. Joseph A. Meyer
Ted V. Mikels
Dr. James Monroe
Heinrich Mueller (program cover name Dr. Blue)
Theodore son of Heinrich Mueller (program cover name Teddy Bear)
Nathan  Lt. Comdr.
Thomas Narut
Dr. Martin T. Orange
Col. Tom Parker
Pete Peterson
Ken Riley
David Long Rothschild
Guy de Rothschild
Alden Sears
Dr. Star  Maj.
Col. Taylor
Leo Taylor
Darcy Vanderpool
Weir  Kent
Leo Wheeler (program cover name Dr. Black, a Collins)
Robert Whitlow
Harold Wolff

SOURCES: Fritz Springmeier’s Newsletters  Oct. 15, 1993;  Dec. 1, ‘93;  Feb, ‘94;  Jan., 1995;  March-April, 1995;  “Perpetrators” (Monograph), 1993 by Cathy O’Brien,  Fritz Springmeier’s own list of people from Survivors,  In Search For the Manchurian

Where the listing of these programmers is from:

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