The Root Causes of the War In Ukraine & America Needs to Look At It’s OWN Self in the Mirror!

Comment:  America has been ALL LIES & DECEIT to Russia.  I hope our criminals in Washington Get What They Deserve!  They Act the way they do because of Hubris, Ignorance, ARROGANCE & Greed.  Washington, D.C. represents a Foreign Power namely the British Empire.  They don’t give a shit about the American people whom they have robbed and looted.  The foolish American people will find out how badly they’re looted when the Dollar Collapses & they are looking to their gov’t of assholes to pay the $31 TRILLION in debt, the $231 TRILLION in unfunded Liabilities promised to the Taxpayers and CAN’T pay any of this Because they SPENT ALL THE MONEY on WARS FOR THE Elite or British Empire.  The American people sat on their hands while the evil narcissists bombed and destroyed the homes, infrastructure, killed millions of children, trafficked millions more, mass murdered 30 MILLION people since the Massacre of 98 Million Native Americans and proceeded to make 70 Million HOMELESS.  Below is a picture of CIA Actual Policies.

CIA Pedophile “PROGRAMMER” training a Monarch Slave to be a Sex Ring Slave.



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