Germany is totally collapsing. They need 20 billion euros to replace their ammunition deficit.


The German military is facing severe shortages of ammunition, the Bundestag’s commissioner for the armed forces, Eva Hoegl, warned on Sunday. She also highlighted the lack of certain basic personal equipment needed by the army.

In an interview with the Bild am Sonntag newspaper, Hoegl revealed that it would cost the Bundeswehr €20 billion to refill its ammo stocks.

The MP called for the military’s ammo depots to be fully replenished during the current legislative session, claiming that the government had dragged its feet on the topic for years.

“Without munitions, it’s all nothing,” Hoegl concluded.

Germany and many other European countries are facing a collapse on multiple levels because of this gay Jewish war project in the Ukraine that they went along with. This is going to negatively impact everybody. Politicians and bureaucrats aren’t going to be immune from this.

The good news is that their capacity to continue supporting the Ukraine is becoming increasingly less viable by the day.

Russia’s strategy of bleeding Europe dry seems to be working quite well.