The ape-run Pentagon is saying that they will provide weapons to the Ukraine for as long as it will take.



What does that even mean? What is the actual objective to this war? Does anybody know? I’m presuming it means that at minimum they would have to take back Crimea which is not even remotely feasible.

It doesn’t even seem like Austin knows himself. This is no different than the undefined “war on terror” which had no actual definitive or winnable objective.

Take a look at this tweet. Just what the hell is this gibberish he is putting out into the public sphere? What rules, freedoms and rights is he referring too?


It’s just empty rhetoric that means nothing.

The Ukraine is a Jewish dictatorship where people are tied to posts for dissent. Opposition parties and media organizations have been banned. So how is sending unlimited weapons over there helping advance these allegedly virtuous causes?

This is just another boondoggle for military contractors to get rich off of. When the Afghanistan situation became unsustainable to continue, they just started this war in the Ukraine. They’re going to try and continue this war for as long as possible.