Zionist Synagogue of Satan Running Zionist Occupied USA? Read This! SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN=GAY MAFIA!!!

Jury rules against Daleiden, pro-lifers who exposed Planned Parenthood’s sale of baby body partsBy Lianne Laurence
EXCLUSIVE: Newly-engaged Lamar Odom breaks silence about porn addiction: ‘I’m not a liar anymore’By LifeSite Staff
Chick-fil-A pulls support from Christian groups branded by LGBT lobby ‘anti-gay’By Calvin Freiburger
 Our baby was born blind, deaf, and brain-damaged. What he taught us changed our livesBy Christine de Marcellus Vollmer Pro-life groups suing New York over law forcing them to accept pro-abortion employeesBy Calvin Freiburger
 BREAKING: British pro-life activist, mom of 5 denied entry to US after months of online persecutionBy Dorothy Cummings McLean Ohio introduces personhood bill to recognize all abortions as murderBy Calvin Freiburger

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‘Adorable’ Down syndrome child appears in American Girl doll catalogBy Martin M. Barillas
PayPal cuts ties with major pornography siteBy Martin M. Barillas
10 countries join US to slam ‘illegitimate’ pro-abortion UN conferenceBy Lianne Laurence
Abortion activists highlight moms with babies in ‘Thank God for Abortion’ campaignBy Calvin Freiburger
Authors, media spinning study on benefits of ‘gender-affirming’ treatment, researcher saysBy Calvin Freiburger
Pro-life Matt Bevin concedes Kentucky governor’s race to pro-abortion Andy BeshearBy Calvin Freiburger
Trans teen regrets his ‘Frankenstein’ transitionBy Walt Heyer
5 excuses education radicals use to corrupt your children in schoolBy Linda Harvey
Why men who compete as ‘female’ will always have an unfair advantage over real womenBy Ray Hacke
Chick-fil-A caved in, gave the rainbow mafia the victory they wantedBy Jonathon Van Maren
Chick-fil-A betrays Christians, surrenders to LGBT forcesBy Doug Mainwaring

Top Criminals of Synagogue of Satan Mafia Pictured

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