AOC-Dangerous Psychopath? ALL Cabal Members Are Psychopaths

Comment:  She has to be a CABAL (Secret Society) member to even be in Congress and get the funding to be elected.

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez – a Fraud, a Liar and Possibly a Dangerous Psychopath

Does Alexandria-Ocasio-Cortez Display Psychopathic Tendencies and, could she be one of the long lost “Family” descendants of Charles Manson? She certainly appeared out of nowhere and seems to be on some sort of “mission to break apart the Democratic party and the USA.

Eyes are a Window to the Soul – Do you really want to find out what is inside?

Do the Globalists expect us to simply buy the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez story hook line and sinker or, did they think that eventually some of us would start to smell a dead fish here? It seems odd to me that the meteoric rise to American Politics by this woman simply sprang out of nowhere in mid 2017. Who is Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez? Is she really who she claims to be or, could she be descended from some sort of “unsavory” bloodline such as Charles Manson or some other cult like family? One thing I have noticed while doing research of this new and obscure political figure is that her personality characteristics could also be marked by the potential telltale signs of a Psychopath. Some common traits of a psychopath are listed below with real world examples by AOC to back up my connections I am making here. Take them or leave them, these are my observations and what I have collected thus far on her. However, I really want to take the time and tell us all why this really matters. She is a Fraud. Put into place by some fraudulent and sinister force to perpetuate these lies against Americans and, the rest of the world. The whole system is a farce and, it is built on deceit, lies and manipulations. I am going to offer the conclusion of this article right here and now at this point and revisit it again at the end. Americans, we need to step away from these fraudulent systems and players. This woman has zero power over us unless, we CONSENT to this rule or power over us. We all need to collectively and individually find ways at removing ourselves from the numerous frauds and deceptions run by this sinister and corrupt system. AOC is a symptom of out of control and blatant evil empire running numerous scams on unsuspecting people. It is time to wake up and, take our own power back from these people who are carefully groomed at a very young age for this type of position.

Image result for alexandria ocasio-cortez child
Ocasio-Cortez is seen as a young girl with her father, Dailymail

AOC appears on the scene much as Obama from out of obscurity to pretty much an “instant” rise to fame and power. Make no mistake that the MSM is complicit in all this and has been enabling this type of deception for a long time. All one needs to do is go scan the Wikipedia page about AOC and see the bulk literature used to make her Wikipedia entry is 98% of materials written after June of 2017. All of a sudden nearly all of the MSM outlets heard the same dog whistle calling them to action and, like a good little puppy the MSM always does the bidding of the propaganda masters. They gushingly tell us that “(…) Ocasio-Cortez began her congressional campaign while working a job waiting tables and tending bar at Flats Fix, a taqueria in New York City’s Union Square”(…) and quoted her as saying ” (…) for 80 percent of this campaign, I operated out of a paper grocery bag hidden behind that bar“, she told Bon Appétit. Oh, ok so a late 20’s something waitress just decides to run for the 14th district of NY and beats a 10 term incumbent in an “upset” victory with a measly little waitress paycheck and does this all in less than a years time?

Sorry, I am not buying this lie. Everyone knows that DC is full of big money interests, lobbies and powerhouses that can make or break a political career. Everyone with a critical thinking brain knows that many of these people are not “elected” but, are “selected”. Who selected her? Why was she selected? What is the agenda being pushed by her being placed in a new found leadership position for the dumbass “Big Bang Theory” “Liberal Scientist” types out there. Who, ignorantly bite into these blatant lies and political talking points? Let’s dig a little deeper on AOC and her history. Surprisingly, there is not much about her “early” days. She claims to have been raised in the Bronx but, many people question that she actually was because, 5 years after she was born the family moved to a nice quiet little suburban area in Westchester County.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lived in Yorktown and went to Yorktown public schools and some of us know that this doesn’t jibe with her campaign narrative of being “a girl from the Bronx.” If, she is lying about her past history of where she grew up. What else is she lying about?

Let’s skip ahead to 2007 when it is said that she received a 2nd place prize for winning the Intel ISEF science fair award. Stay with me here please, because it gets a slightly confusing but, it is highly telling and interesting what happened here. Do you see her name listed here as a 2nd place winner of the Intel ISEF in 2007? I do not see it listed neither on the official site nor for any other year close to 2007.

However, when exploring the source materials on Wikipedia when they reference AOC’s win in this “science fair” you come to this article:

It appears that someone used this link above as a source to cite AOC’s win… How neat, they even have a few little pictures of her as a much younger and less psychopathic woman but, the problem is that this site is not really appearing to be associated with the Intel ISEF science fair site. While it may be an official website it appears that this “paper trail” was made to throw off some researchers but, most importantly to give AOC’s story some credibility.

What is even odder is that there is an asteroid named after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Yes, an asteroid is named after this very “special” person and let’s sees why from JPL’s very own website tracking, categorizing and naming all small bodies in our solar system.

Now, I am no rocket scientist or, an astronomer but, it seems that someone missed some critical information along the way and, this error and omission was missed by her handlers when they were “creating” her persona and historical background. Visit all the sources and see for yourselves or, for simplicity, I have included a few screenshots of some of the most important aspects below. I find it very curious to see that AOC has an asteroid named after her in response for a prize she did not actually win. I hope many of you can see what was done here. These Fraudsters and Agent Saboteurs fabricated her early history. They made a fake landing page as the source for her “win” as 2nd place in the ISEF and, figured that all of us would simply go along for the ride and swallow these lies.

Another odd fact is that this enterprising capitalist-turned-socialist is now being touted by high-ranking Democrats as the future of the party! At one time she was a proponent of lower taxes, business startups and basically regular capitalism when she was a member of a small “business incubator” back in 2012. She is quoted as stating: “You see a huge return on your investment here,” said Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, 22, who recently launched Brook Avenue Press, a publishing firm for books that portray the Bronx in a positive light. “People pay $500 an hour for consulting that we get for free by the water cooler.”

AOC, at one time, seemed to be the gushing spokesperson of entrepreneurship, profit and lower taxes but, it seem the complete opposite to the values she now espouses as a member of the DSA (Democratic Socialists of America). These freaks are actually out in the streets of NY calling for the abolishment of “profit” among other things. What is it AOC? I am starting to wonder if you are also bipolar as well or, if you are tied into an “intelligence agency” such as Mossad or the CIA? Many of us have wised up to the fact that the CIA etc… All run many fronts and fake shell companies and, a book publishing company seems like the perfect cover for someone like AOC to rise up the ranks and capture all the ignorant and lazy youngster parasites who support communism.

Let’s recap: she lied about her upbringing on where she grew up. She lied about winning this Intel ISEF 2nd place prize what else is she lying about? I actually went and verified she was on the roster for graduating BU in 2011. Her name is on the list but, not like it would be difficult to get on that list if someone really wanted that name to be posted there. For Christ’s sake BU had Katie Couric listed as an “honorary degree” recipient! For what? Lying to us every morning while trying hard to look cute and innocent? A whole different subject and I digress. These fake people really piss me off these days. How about her claims that she “produced” and, danced in this video in college, do you believe this claim now? Why should I believe anything else from her lying pie hole anymore? I highly doubt she was the only one directing, choreographing, planning and editing all the aspects of this very professional looking video but, maybe this is what all international relations and economics students do in their spare time from studying and partying? Then, she boldly takes sole credit for producing this “masterpiece” of expression? A narcissistic POS at best here for grabbing all the credit on this video. Most likely she had help “producing” and creating this video beyond just dancing around like a “hip cool college student”. At least give your friends helping you some credit instead of trying to hog the spotlight or, is that her whole intention all along, to captivate a nation (with adoring feelings or outright disgust) and, to provide a wedge and dividing point in American politics perhaps?

Check out the video if you can stomach the institutionalized corporate university propaganda that this video seems to be:

Notice any similarities in this “witches dance” she performs mid way in the video? Maybe I am a bit jaded by my lines of research? However, one cannot help to notice these similarities once pointed out to you (my friend caught this and brought it to my attention).

Now, we get to the juicy part of all this and why some of us are suspecting that AOC displays traits of being a dangerous psychopath.

glib and superficial charm – check

grandiose (exaggeratedly high) estimation of self – check

need for stimulation – check

pathological lying – check

cunning and manipulative – check

lack of remorse or guilt – check * shallow affect (superficial emotional responsiveness) –

callousness and lack of empathy – check * parasitic lifestyle – check

poor behavioral controls – check

sexual promiscuity – ?

early behavior problems – ?

* lack of realistic long-term goals – check * impulsivity – check

Irresponsibility – check

* failure to accept responsibility for own actions – check

many short-term marital relationships – ?

juvenile delinquency – ?

revocation of conditional release – ?

criminal versatility –

Some example of this are highlighted with examples and my commentary below:

lack of a conscience or sense of guilt:The way she tucked tail and ran when Israel gave her a sideways glance should show that she has no conscience by using the Palestinian plight to her advantage and then promptly backing down when her career is threatened.

lack of empathy: I guess she lost her empathy for the Israeli heavy handed treatment of Palestinians when she realized that Daddy War Bucks Israel would not back her as a legitimate candidate if she did not “evolve” her critical positions. Oh well, I guess Middle Eastern conflicts are “not on her table anymore”?


With these thoughts in mind we can see that AOC appears on the scene much as Obama did. Unexpected, carrying a large resume full of holes and, with much MSM support and grandstanding about the supposed “strengths” of these characters without ever looking into the inconsistencies and holes in their own stories.

Related image

Americans, we need to step away from these fraudulent systems, fraudulent politicians and fraudulent laws. The FED the IRS and, the entire US Government are nothing but massive lies, deceptions and black holes. There will never be a day when any of these entities are honest because their whole foundation is built on lies. We all need to find meaningful ways to remove ourselves from the numerous fictions, frauds and deceptions run by this sinister and corrupt secret societies running the world. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a symptom of an out of control and blatant evil empire that, is running numerous and profitable scams on all the unsuspecting people out there. She is a product of a bunch of lies strung together to make a persona and “actor” on the world stage. She certainly has an agenda and a reason for being placed in the position she was placed in. She and, many many others have been carefully groomed at a very young age for exactly this type of position. They are everywhere and, many more of these kinds of “programmable people” exist than some of us care to admit. The system will never ever be able to be fixed by the same broken system that has created it. We will not VOTE our way out of these messes. Time to settle petty political differences and unite for our common shared interest in self preservation. Wise up to the Frauds, Americans! This may actually be our last hope and a possible way out. AOC is not alone in her fraudulent, lying and psychotic behavior, they all are! Many think that nearly every one of these politicians is somehow serving their masters agendas. It is time to break the beast system and to fight back and to take our own power back from the evil ones who are using it to destroy our planet, our families and even our own lives. Let’s hope there is still time and, the willingness to fight back.

Ocasio-Cortez is seen as she celebrates her landslide primary win on Tuesday night

Finally, If you think that it is outrageous that I claimed that she could be the blood kin of the one and only Charlie Manson then, please think again based off the below information and, a whole world of research waiting for you I will link below. Charles Manson is said to have had at least 3 children. That we know about. Charles was the leader of a Cult and we will never know how many children he has sired. One of these children completely disappeared from public view after a certain time. He was born in 1959. This would have placed him at the prime age of 30 when AOC was born. I am certainly not saying that I know this is true and, I agree it is a stretch but, is it really? Do you know what the CIA and satanic bloodlines did with the counterculture music and TV personalities in the mid 60’s? If, you care to read and research on some very obscure facts, surprising coincidences and mysterious murders then please read along in this very informative and entertaining series. When you make it to the end of this series I am sure you will see that the “Family” was very well connected with some big names and in some very covert ways.

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