WW3 in the Making as Russia Readies Something BIG

WWIII in the making right now as Russia readies something big

“Any manifestations of Ukraine’s military aggression after the announcement of the results of referendums should be regarded as acts of open aggression against the civilian population of Russia. All those responsible will be punished severely,” Crimean Senator Olga Kovitidi told RIA Novosti.

French President Emmanuel Macron called the forthcoming referenda a “parody”. According to him, they “will not have legal consequences.”

“If the idea of ​​referendums weren’t so tragic, it would be funny,” AFP quoted Macron as saying.

The United States will never recognize Russian claims to any parts of Ukraine. Referendums will come as an insult to the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity, the White House said.

The Pentagon said that the referendums would not affect Washington’s support for Kyiv. Biden aide Jacob Sullivan said that Washington was aware of the “potential mobilization” that could take place in Russia.

Zelensky’s press secretary Nikiforov:

“Without the referendums, there is still the slightest chance for a diplomatic solution. After the referenda, there is none.

The LPR announced school holidays from September 22 to 28 in connection with the referendums. The head of the self-proclaimed republic Leonid Pasechnik signed the corresponding decree.

NATO is not going to recognise the referendums legitimate, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg said.

Germany will not recognize referendums in the self-proclaimed LPR, DPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye (Zaporizhzhia) regions, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said.

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Luhansk People’s Republic wants to become part of Russia immediately

The Public Chamber of the Luhansk People’s Republic has addressed the head of the region, Leonid Pasechnik, with an initiative to immediately hold a referendum to recognize the republic as an entity of the Russian Federation.

Pet Shop Boys express their admiration for legendary Soviet and Russian singer

Pet Shop Boys, a popular British disco duo, expressed their support and admiration for Russian singer Alla Pugacheva and called her a legendary Russian superstar.

At least 13 civilians killed as Ukraine shells Donetsk

At least 13 civilians were killed as a result of the shelling of the Kuibyshevsky district of Donetsk, Donetsk Mayor Alexei Kulemzin said on Monday, September 19.

According to the mayor, 13 civilians were killed and others were wounded as the Armed Forces of Ukraine shelled the city. The number of those who were hurt in the attack is yet to be specified, the mayor wrote on his Telegram channel.

According to Kulemzin, the Ukrainian military started shelling the Kuibyshev region at 12:15 local time. In total, nine shells of 155 mm caliber were fired.

Earlier on September 19, the head of the Enerhodar administration, Alexander Volga, said that the Ukrainian military had been shelling the city for days despite the presence of the IAEA mission in the city.

The West considers sanctions against Russia’s Mir payment system. Turkey gives up

The European Union does not exclude sanctions against Russia’s national Mir payment system, an official representative for the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, Peter Stano, told Izvestia newspaper.

Putin: If Europeans want to stay warm, they only need to press one button

If European countries want to cope with the energy crisis, then they should lift sanctions from the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, Vladimir Putin believes.

Special operation will end by spring 2023 with Ukraine’s capitulation

The special military operation continues with minor tactical changes. The Russian troops have moved on to strike vital objects of the military infrastructure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Professor Alexei Podberyozkin, the director of the Center for Military-Political Problems, Doctor of Historical Sciences, said in an interview with Pravda. Ru.

The Ukrainian army has been destroyed almost entirely. There are very few professional soldiers left in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Ukraine also suffers from the shortage of military equipment and hardware, Podberyozkin pointed out.

“Ukraine is unable to fight for a long time. It is easy to imagine what is going to happen in October, November, December, because Ukraine has been left without energy resources, and the remnants of the infrastructure will be destroyed,” he said.

According to Podberyozkin, the special operation will end in early 2023, most likely by springtime, with the absolute defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the surrender of Ukraine.


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