The Goal is World Domination By a Psychopathic Elite


Everything you think and dream will be recorded

The goal of the one world superstate is full totalitarian control, where every breath, heartbeat, hormonal activity, human interaction (think sexuality), feeling, thought and even the most intimate, personal of all: our dreams, will be recorded.

Roman emperor

The World Economic Forum cloaks itself with white garments of shining statements like “improving the state of the world” and “global goals for sustainable development”. They hypnotize millions of influential people with these brilliant promises. The reality is however that they were instrumental in orchestrating the 2020 pandemic, in order to manipulate humanity into accepting the Great Reset. Undeniable evidence for this, can be seen in the documentary THE PLAN.

Let’s have a closer look at some of the beautiful “sustainability goals” of the WEF. There are for example “Global Governance” and “Internet Governance”. These speak for themselves:

The WEF wants to establish full control over the entire world. And they wish to be the ones who determine what information is allowed online.

Other sustainability goals sound like a dream: “No Poverty” for example. What a noble cause, to eliminate poverty from the earth! These oligarchs must be true saints… Interestingly, however, the owners and members of the WEF all have one thing in common:

they are astronomically rich, because they have been robbing humanity for decades.

They go, for example, into different nations of the world, and steal all their natural resources, through destructive mining. They keep the treasures for themselves, while the native populations are forced info slave labor, to mine the riches of their own land for the enrichment of these foreign intruders.

Similarly they acquire every industry in the world, transferring all wealth towards a handful of their own mega corporations, while destroying millions of people whose small businesses cannot compete with these monstrous giants.

And what about the financial system, that is designed to keep the people in perpetual financial crisis? Billions of people are forced to pay taxes, that supposedly serve to support their nation. In reality the vast majority of tax money disappears in the pockets of financial entities, who themselves don’t pay one dime of tax.

It’s by abusing humanity for their own enrichment, that they gathered their astronomical wealth in the first place. And suddenly they want to “end poverty”?

Their true objective becomes clear when we look at how they plan to end poverty: install universal well fare for all of humanity. The practical result of this will be, that every person on earth will become entirely dependent on these overlords.

We see this in full swing in The Netherlands, where the oligarchs have raised the energy prices tenfold. As a result millions will be plunged into poverty, no longer able to pay their outrageous energy bills. Suddenly the government comes with a solution: we will take care of you, just rely entirely on us.

This is always their strategy:

1) first create a problem,2) then offer a solution, which makes the people more submitted to the rulers

The World Economic Forum has been informing the world about their ultimate goal: the population will own nothing. This situation is promoted as a wonderful “utopia” in an article written by the WEF for


This article describes how a citizen of the New World Order of the WEF expresses her happiness about this new way of living. She exclaims how wonderful it is to own nothing, and what a dream the world has become, as everybody is locked up in Smart Cities.

Smart City is basically an open air prison, where nobody has any rights or freedoms, everyone is constantly monitored, and everything the people do, think or dream is recorded. The WEF plans to put the majority of humanity in Smart Cities around the world.

In the WEF article the imaginary citizen of a Smart City ends her dystopian praise report about how “wonderful” life has become, with one concern:

“Once in a while I get annoyed about the fact that I have no real privacy. Nowhere I can go and not be registered.

I know that, somewhere, everything I do, think and dream of is recorded.

I just hope that nobody will use it against me.

All in all, it is a good life.”


This is the goal of this one world superstate: full totalitarian control, where every breath, heartbeat, hormonal activity, human interaction (think sexuality), feeling, thought and even the most intimate, personal of all: our dreams, will be recorded. All under the guise of “improving your life” and “keeping you safe”.

To be continued…

What’s next?

In part 4 of the World Domination Series, you will learn about the plan to end hunger in the world, by destroying the current food industry, and making all of humanity dependent on a new supply chain of artificial fake food, grown in labs. If you want to read the full series in one revealing post, then use the following link:

If you miss one of the emails in this series, then look into your sp@m folder. You will find it in there.

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