Russia, China, India, and much of the rest of the world—about 85% of the planet—don’t agree With The British Depopulation Agenda

Schiller Institute Conference: Nemesis as an Organizing Principle
Sept. 9, 2022 (EIRNS)—Saturday’s Schiller Institute Conference, “Inspiring Humanity To Survive the Greatest Crisis in World History,” is an application of the optimistic principle of Nemesis to the world strategic situation, otherwise called “current history.” In order to successfully establish, in this time of conjunctural crisis, a new security and development architecture, even as war seems the chosen, doomed means of discourse among nations, the Schiller Institute and its interlocutors must act as the Nemesis of the presently prevailing civilizational direction of the trans-Atlantic world. The September 8 death of the Queen of England, on the 100th anniversary of Lyndon LaRouche’s birth, is, in at least a metaphorical sense, an expression of that same principle of Nemesis.
The conference theme, “The Ideas of Lyndon LaRouche Will Shape the Future of Mankind,” to which the proceedings will, rondo-like, continually refer, indicates a higher idea of Nemesis than the commonplace. Nemesis is not, as the dictionaries claim, simply mere retribution, revenge, “street justice.”
What did Lyndon LaRouche really mean, when he often stated, “I can never be defeated, because I never stop fighting?” Is his the same “optimistic” outlook as that of a fighter that is “out on his feet,” but refuses to fall down? No; Nemesis is triumphant. For tyrants, such as the British Crown, Nemesis is the palpable presence of a higher law outside of their “rule of law.” It is expressed in the ability of their prescient opposition to seemingly forecast what will happen to them, what they will attempt to do about it, and why they will fail. No matter what they do, they can never avoid the impending consequences, despite the fact that they have been forewarned.
The British Empire which Her Satanic Majesty so faithfully served, the most extensive colonial empire in history, and still presently the most powerful financial (but not productive) force on the planet, is to now to be led by a “mad, old, diseased and dying king,” who says that “With a growing population placing an increasing strain on the planet’s finite resources, we have to reduce (carbon) emissions urgently….” Like Roman Emperor Caligula declaring war on the sea, Charles declares, “Here is needed a vast military-style campaign to marshal the strength of the global private sector. With trillions at its disposal, far beyond global GDP, and with the greatest respect, beyond even the governments of the world’s leaders, it offers the only real prospect of achieving fundamental economic transition.”
An Empire “beyond everything?”
The imperial military force that “Kooky Charlie” intends to deploy for this purpose, with Prime Minister Liz Truss and now, perhaps Canada’s vice-premier Chrystia Freeland as its new Secretary General, is NATO. “NATO Must Prioritize Climate Change as a Security Issue,” says Chatham House, in an article written June 27, 2022. “Beyond immediate challenges of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, NATO should consider how to prepare for a context in which climate impacts are becoming severe.” Under the subtitle, “Why Climate Change Is a NATO Issue,” the authors say “Climate change and natural disasters can act as ‘threat multipliers’ with security implications for NATO…. In addition, as natural resources become scarcer, conflict over access to them is already increasing. The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region risks being particularly impacted and is in Europe’s neighborhood.”
There you have it—except that Russia, China, India, and much of the rest of the world—about 85% of the planet—don’t agree. The unwavering ally and proponent of the opposite view of the world, the Nemesis to the Malthusian depopulation now nakedly described as “saving our planet from people,” is Lyndon LaRouche. The next two days’ proceedings, will advance a new conception of “special relationship,” a dialogue among those nations of the world that have decided that the General Welfare of all of humanity demands an end to war, now, as well as a commitment, by first freeing the planet from poverty, famine, disease and war itself, to the higher aims of mankind.

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