Mind Control of Medical Doctors

Mind Control of Medical Doctors
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Alvin Mahoney
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Stockholm syndrome

[vid] THE MIND CONTROL OF MEDICAL STUDENTS  25 Mar 2017– Jeanice Barcelo interviews Dr. Z about the various ways medical students are systematically desensitized, purposefully traumatized and ultimately brainwashed into conformity with an evil system that is the antithesis of healing. Dr. Z gives personal testimony about the traumatizing experiences he endured during medical school which include the torture of animals, being regularly exposed to noxious, brain-damaging chemicals like formaldehyde, extreme sleep deprivation, nutrition deprivation, sunlight deprivation, and much more. Dr. Z affirms that what he experienced was, in fact, a form of trauma based mind control which obviously did not fully work on him, as he was partially awake when he started medical school and has since moved into various forms of natural healing. Dr. Z is currently involved in setting up a multidisciplinary healing institute called Total Life Center.  He can be reached via e-mail at TotalLifeCenterTLC@gmail.com


[vid] Trauma-Based Mind Control: The Making of Medical Doctors with Dr. Z Episode 1
[vid] Trauma-Based Mind Control: The Making of Medical Doctors with Dr. Z Episode 2
[vid] Trauma-Based Mind Control: The Making of Medical Doctors with Dr. Z Episode 3   Dr. Alvin Mahoney a.k.a. Dr. Z is a medical doctor who is currently working in private practice as a Neuropsychiatrist and Naturopath focusing on techniques and strategies to obtain optimum health both mentally and physically. Dr. Z is writing a Book titled “Complicated World”. In this book Dr. Z shares his journey to becoming a master of the healing arts. Throughout his Journey Dr. Z has been faced with many challenges including a medical system that traumatizes, manipulates, and brainwashes medical students. As Dr. Z will explain, trauma-based mind control is the methodology through which medical doctors are made.   In this series of radio interviews Dr. Z will share with us how he overcame the challenges he faced and how he has become a caring and compassionate medical doctor. Dr. Z will also share with us some of his personal experiences with the medical establishment’s use of trauma-based mind control and how doctors are set up for manipulation, mind control and ultimately brainwashing.  Dr. Z’s book “Complicated World” also addresses the 5 Elements of Healing and consciousness awakening. Dr. Z is currently involved in setting up a Multidisciplinary healing institute called Total Life Center.  Dr.Z can be reached via e-mail at TotalLifeCenterTLC@gmail.com

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[2015 Book] Birth Trauma, and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine:  Exposing the Systematic Violence During Hospital Birth and the Attempt to Hijack Our Souls by Jeanice Barcelo 

Medical students are further softened up by being maliciously fatigued. The way to weaken a person’s will in order to mold him to suit your purposes is to make him work hard, especially at night, and never give him a chance to recover. You teach the rat to race. The result is a person too weak to resist the most debilitating instrument medical school uses on its students: fear.
If I had to characterize doctors, I would say their major psychological attribute is fear. They have a drive to achieve security-plus that’s never satisfied because of all the fear that’s drummed into them in medical school: fear of failure, fear of missing a diagnosis, fear of malpractice, fear of remarks by their peers, fear that they’ll have to find honest work. There was a movie some time ago that opened with a marathon dance contest. After a certain length of time all the contestants were eliminated except one. Everybody had to fail except the winner. That’s what medical school has become. Since everybody can’t win, everybody suffers from a loss of self-esteem. Everybody comes out of medical school feeling bad.
Doctors are given one reward for swallowing the fear pill so willingly and for sacrificing the healing instincts and human emotions that might help their practice: arrogance. To hide their fear, they’re taught to adopt the authoritarian attitude and demeanor of their professors.  Chapter 7: The Devil’s Priests by Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D.

A doctor just posted a comment in the Stop Mandatory Vaccination group and I thought what he had to say was most interesting:
”Vaccines are symbolic of medicine, science, and authority. As such, doctors love them as a child loves a tattered blanket or favorite plaything. Because of the severe abusiveness of the medical training process, most physicians have Stockholm syndrome and are overly and blindly devoted to the system that abused them, held them captive for 7 years, and then liberated them with new powers and a new identity; I think you can only understand this if you’ve had the somewhat rare experience of brutal training: being stressed to the limits of your tolerance physically and mentally for months and years on end, and then kept up working hard in situations of complete chaos for periods of 30 hours or more, with complete sleep deprivation, almost no contact with the outside world and sometimes not even seeing daylight for days on end; when your supervising/attending physician commands you to give vaccines, at that point you’ll find yourself too exhausted to put up a fight and resist.
When the hospital demands that you get vaccinated or face threat to your work toward getting your medical license after you’ve already worked brutally hard for 8-10 years of undergraduate, medical school, and residency… You’re basically forced with the decision to jeopardize your entire past and future work (your income, your social status, cultural authority, high-income job security) or simply submit to “the shot.” Vaccines, somewhat similar to radiation and chemotherapy, are highly aligned with the religious/German/Victorian/etc idea of “tough love” which justifies harsh treatment and abuse “for your own good. I know this is going to hurt you, but I’m doing this for your own good because I love you. [We are both victims in this process.]”

When I was Senior Pediatric Consultant to the Department of Mental Health in Illinois, I cut out a certain kind of operation that was being performed on mongoloid children with heart defects. The stated purpose of the operation was to improve oxygen supply to the brain. The real purpose, of course, was to improve the state’s residency programs in cardiovascular surgery, because nothing beneficial happened to the brains of mongoloid children—and the surgeons knew that. The whole idea was absurd. And deadly, since the operation had a fairly high mortality rate. Naturally, the university people were very upset when I cut out the operation. They couldn’t figure out a better use for the mongoloid children, and, besides, it was important to train people.  In prepaid group practices where surgeons are paid a steady salary not tied to how many operations they perform, hysterectomies and tonsillectomies occur only about one-third as often as in fee-for-service situations. Ritual Mutilations by Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D.

So how does the medical system do it?  How do they turn good and decent people into biological robots who parrot nonsense and can’t seem to think for themselves?  The answer lies in the indoctrination process that medical students are put through, which process is set-up to systematically break down the morality and the will of medical students and, if all goes according to plan, will cause a split in their psyche that will result in dissociation and the assimilation of an alter personality that will be willing to conform to medical norms.  This indoctrination process involves repeatedly exposing medical students to high levels of stress and trauma as well as sleep deprivation, nutrition deprivation (i.e., junk food and fast food are the norm), sunlight deprivation, shaming the non-conformists and taking away any privileges they may have gained through conforming, and keeping the students enclosed in artificial and toxic settings for days, weeks, and months at a time so that they cannot connect with nature or any semblance of their spiritual and ethical identities. Extract: The mind control of medical students

“Medical schools conduct a virtual hazing process they call professional training. After prolonged intense studies, and life-and-health-jeopardizing clinical exposures, medical residents are deprived of sleep, sometimes for days…..This form of high-stress trauma-based education is completely consistent with standardized techniques used in mind control and cult indoctrination programs. This is commonly called brainwashing, but it is really a subtle form of hypnosis that relies on fear and trauma to capture and control your attention and shape your behavior.” — Dr. Leonard Horowitz

Suzanne Humphries, MD


Pollard, Andrew  [2015 Sept] Is HPV vaccine safe? Hainault mum says daughter’s chronic fatigue is linked to cancer drug

Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D. , Abram

Suzanne Humphries, MD

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