KY’s New Candidate Says He Wants to ABOLISH the CIA! GREAT! Peace Candidate.

“Unlike Andy Barr, I will never vote to

send weapons to Nazis.”

– Geoff Young

Here’s a 2-part interview in

The Goldenrod, a new web journal

about Eastern Kentucky.

The publisher & editor is Sarah Baird.

Published on May 8, 2022:

Part 1

Part 2

I had the following conversation on Facebook on March 22, 2022 with a friend I’ve known since childhood from my hometown in Massachusetts.

Dan: You really are unbelievable. Siding with Russia. Really ?

Me: So now it’s bad to be for peace?

Dan: No, but it is bad to think that we have no responsibilities except to ourselves, that is not what this country is about.

Me: You wrote that “it is bad to think that we have no responsibilities except to ourselves, that is not what this country is about.” I agree. I simply choose to support the Russian-speaking people of Ukraine instead of the nazi-dominated Ukrainian army and the Ukrainian nazi militias, who have been shelling and murdering Ukrainian civilians from 2014 to today. You, Dan, and my ignorant, neoconservative opponent in November, Andy Barr (R), are supporting the Ukrainian nazis. I wonder how much support Andy Barr will get from Kentucky’s Jewish community after voting for 8 years to send weapons to murderous nazi militias in Ukraine. What do you think, Dan?

Dan: You know Geoff, I am not neo conservative, I am moderate liberal, I am not ignorant, I do not support Nazism and frankly I think you have forgotten your roots as a Jewish person and I doubt that your grandparents would support you supporting Putin

Me: Dan, I never said you were a neocon yourself; the phrase “ignorant neocon” was directed at Andy Barr. I completely believe you are a moderate liberal. I’ve never called you ignorant. I believe that you, along with 300 million other Americans, are a victim of pro-war, anti-Russian propaganda that we have all been getting hit with since childhood. I have done enough research to be able to see through the propaganda, but you haven’t yet.

I have never forgotten my roots as a Jewish person. That is why I am so enraged by Barr’s votes over the last 8 years to send money and weapons to the nazis in Ukraine. I was able to talk with my grandparents about politics and international events while they were alive. If they were alive today, I would be able to talk with them about the conflict in Ukraine. My grandmother was from Zhitomir, a city west of Kiev. I think it’s presumptuous of you to say anything about what my grandparents would think today.

Geoff Young (D-KY6) won the primary on Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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About Geoff Young

Geoff Young on the Issues

1. Abolish the CIA

2. Get Big Money out of politics

3. Abolish AFRICOM

4. Help prevent a nuclear war

5. We need Medicare-for-All

6. End Corruption

7. Abortion: I’m totally for Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood.

Andy Barr & the GOP are 100% wrong & immoral.

8. Legalize cannabis

9. Energy & the environment

10. Tax millionaires & billionaires

11. Abolish the death penalty nationwide

12. End the failed “War on Drugs”

Comment: I feel NEOCONS should be jailed and tried for Treason and War Crimes. They are CRIMINALS. Same with the CIA. I also am NOT for Planned Parenthood as they are an EVIL BILL GATES Creation along with his corrupt, evil Pedophile father Bill Gates, SR. I believe but can’t prove this right now that Planned Parenthood is using live born babies for Endochrome Hormones by CIA. This involves torturing them to death which is the actuality when Organs are extracted from live babies. It’s so EVIL it makes me SICK! If the CIA is abolished then hopefully ALL this evil will be abolished with them. Also, if the death penalty is ABOLISHED an effective means of monitoring Sexual Sadists and other Dangerous Deviants Must Be Implemented to protect the Populace. Equal Protection has simply become a meaningless phrase because women and children no longer have equal protection from dangerous predators.

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