CIA used Chemicals up to 100 Times Stronger Than LSD to Really Mess Up People’s Minds Including Their Own Agents; Nothing Is Too Evil For the CIA To Do & They Censor This Info!

Comment: If I had a category for MIND FUCK this would be in it. CIA ass wipes are all in the Secret Societies. What a former Monarch slave says about the CIA: Monarch Slave Describes CIA:  They are Moronic Degenerates, Drug Addicts, Woman-Hating Perverts, and Homosexual Rapists. I Add That They Appoint Similar Degenerates to the Office of Presidency!

Comment: LSD is just a cover story. The CIA wants to hide their pure, unadulterated EVIL including Rape, Torture, Murder of children.

You can hear Dr. Robert Duncan, a scumbag who works for DARPA and CIA, attest to the reality of voice-of-god weapons, hive mind, and cybernetic mind control techniques, all part of the New Normal, the Great Reset, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in the video below.

You can learn more, too, from the excellent documentary, on MK-ULTRA, run by Central and Naval Intelligence, by Aaron and Melissa Dykes, called the Minds of Men, which you can watch, in full, for free, below.

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