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Sweden to Apply for NATO Membership

By infostormer -May 16, 20220

Fresh off of Finland announcing their decision to apply for NATO membership, Sweden is following suit.

The head of NATO thinks this is great and claims this is some type of historic opportunity.

So provoking a third world war is a historic opportunity that has to be seized?

These people are dangerous lunatics. Their plans for a world government system run by Jews are falling apart which is why they are feverishly trying to agitate a major war with Russia.

Sweden and Finland would have been best served by remaining neutral parties. Joining NATO will prove to be a historic mistake

Comment: NATO is a paper tiger so what does it matter if a country with 6 million people joins like Finland? China has 1.4 Billion People alone and has a military Alliance with Russia! India with about 1.38 Billion people is joining them. Who wants to be allied with Israel anyways? Everyone at the UN HATES them and Hates the U.S. as much for being aligned with Israel a Rothschild Cabal Crime Created Cesspit

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